Curse of the Black Pearls

Black pearls have been removed from all seasonal reward branches since the end of fall season, and they currently only appear as epic or legendary drops during some events, in tiny quantities (100 and 225, respectively). Much like ice and fire shards, these seem to have been more plentiful in the past, and are very hard to come by now.

At this point, I’ve probably opened around 200 gold chests total. I’ve collected 3100 black pearls over the lifetime of this account, which means that if I used all of them, I could have a level 14 perch with an orange tier dragon on it. For comparison, I’m in gold tier; I’ve collected around 39k embers (13x), 22k fire shards (7x), and 19k ice shards (6x).

Perches generally don’t seem very valuable, but they can be a major source of points during feeding events, and it seems bad that a building type is effectively locked out for players who didn’t join before winter. I think it was good that pearls were removed from seasonal branches (because I don’t think perches are a top priority for anyone, and forcing players to pay sigils for them annoys them), but I cannot understand the logic behind setting gold chest pearl drops at 225 and 100, particularly now that they are the only source of pearls. They’re the least useful in-game currency and have the most tightly controlled supply.

I don’t think anyone wants the incidence of black pearl drops in chests to go up, but the quantity per drop should probably get a 5-10x multiplier.


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I can totally get behind this… my biggest perch is going to be stuck at 52 forever, and my other will eternally have icicle on it

They appear pretty frequent on my gold chests. Have my luck instead.


Imo they will probably bring them back soon. It seems like the primary focus has been embers for these past two seasons. They have been the primary thing complained about recently. Lack of other resources is probably part of a balancing act. They are also trying to promote these new towers. Would be interesting to hear if they have a long term plan to keep these special resources balanc3d.

Same, got to be my most common “legendary” drop behind ice shards, at least it feels that way. Sitting on 17k unwanted ones, sigh.

I stopped lvling perch. They give advantage to atkers.except for the farm area. U know what i mean.

You guys are lucky. I have about the same luck as the OP. So jealous right now; want to trade gold chest drops? Speaking of chest drops: why is all I get out of silver chests runes? I do not remember a time opening a silver chest where I haven’t got runes or rune dust, and help all the runes are useless!

Yeah, that’s all you get from silver chests. Absolutely useless shit. Rage/Wisdom runes aren’t awful though I guess.

Yes, that’s the only good thing I’ve ever gotten from silver chests. Thanks for assuring me it isn’t that I have horrible luck, it’s that thats how it is

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They should be available in a separate seasonal sigil branch.

Hey, they gave the loudest voices what they wanted, less pearls, without thinking of the negative effects on everyone else. What’s new :man_shrugging: There will be those that have too many, and those that have too few. Balance in pearls, shards, etc is impossible to achieve where the whole playerbase would be happy…short of allowing you to select from what you want…

There’s an idea…when you open a chest, you get 2 choices. You choose what is more useful to you. :thinking: It’d still be RNG like it is now, butyou would have 2 options to select from. Prolly the best idea I’ve come up with yet…


I would support that. Would help alot.

I don’t get why anyone cares if they have too much of something. I’m not sure what black pearl drops looked like before I started so I’m only using this as a hypothetical example, but are those with too many black pearls happier with a legendary drop dropping 225 than something like 1000 (or whatever)? I don’t really get it. I have too “many” fire shards but I’d much rather they leave the amount in the drop the same then lower it. Even if I don’t need it, having it drop in a less quantity (NOT saying less frequently) helps nobody.

A 225 black pearl legendary drop is a joke. I do NOT think that black pearl drops should be more frequent, but raise the amount to something substantial if they’re going to drop as frequently as they are. I really don’t think there should be anything in a legendary drop that makes anyone think to themselves “god dammit” when they see it. Jmo


The rate of pearl drops is actually pretty low. And if you have not been playing for a while, you will now definitely have a difficult time getting enough pearls to level even 1 perch to max

I agree that drops frequency should not change, but drop quantity should. Perhaps like rss drops, this could scale with level. Also, those drops should continue to scale up to level 400. Speedups and tokens should also scale

Did I leave out anything that’s is actually wanted and in short supply? :smiley:

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You had me at tokens…

Well regardless of the frequency you need how many of those legendary drops for a single level…just seems like too much. Kind of like the epic drop for embers…it’s like yeah I really need those but 200 is going to get me what (I think it’s 250 now?). I only spend on elite so I don’t open a shit ton of chests so it’s not like I’m getting a pile of epic drops, 200 or 225 or whatever just seems like a drop in the bucket (this isn’t intended to be a complaint post just saying my opinion).

I need another 1,400 black pearls before I can upgrade my seagazer perch high enough to put a sapphire dragon on it :neutral_face: As an elite only player it’s a joke trying to get pearls when the “legendary” drop is only 250. I’m really wishing I could salvage some upgrades from the second perch I foolishly built so I could at least get the one by my farms high enough to stick Mehaten on it when I get him maxed out.


Perhaps, rather than increased frequency, it’d be nice if the drop is the same as Elemental Ember (125 Epic, 1K Legendary). That way, anyone need it can have more, and less chance for unusable rss for higher level.

I just wish those people who compain about having way too much about a certain resource would remember those poor players who are just starting out. It’s not easy trying to build these towers with exclusive resources when you’re a new player and the drops give you so little you almost have to ask yourself what the point of trying is.


wish we could share these and shards…my primary acct literally has hundreds of thousands.