Cursed Gear aka Insane mode

Just doing assault right now

Finding that I can’t get my previous high scores due to effect of research strengthening my dragons

Wonder what the forum thinks about introducing idea of cursed gear i.e. gear that actually makes you weaker

Would be great for extra challenge in Assault



Just use a weaker lineage dragon :disguised_face:
I aint wanna grind four lines for some sheild boi thats gunna make dim down my attack for 50 sigils in some mini event


Already hitting one tier up with naked dragons.
Still not weak enough for max points

Or a way to turn off the researches that have already been researched.


I don’t think that’s going to be happening especially anytime soon.

Lv 1 mythic lineage hitting up :eyes:

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Maybe easier for them to have an optional button to toggle research off / on on the main page.

I cbf grinding or paying for gear. And I suspect new players probably need the research to complete the event.

Be cool if there was a tab to see my ATH score for each tier and to see the ATH score for first place on each tier.

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What’s ATH short for?

Well, you can use level 1 mythics but if your research is too high, you fucked up. Leveling the playing field in the higher tiers by disabling research with a button or something would be good. But yeah…its PG. Assault wont work after they add such a button…


Oh sorry - All Time High

Probably should of wrote PB ( personal best score )

Does any one have the formula for working out the score for a base run?

Dragon power vs base power?

Found this. Not sure if it’s valid?

Base points * [1 + (1 - AP/DP)]

Pg defo needs to set all players to same Research level. Its just stupid that peeps with lot Research get penalty in points.


APs for high scores in each base are on this web pages. :smiley:


Thanks Mina. Great resource

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