Custom badges and avatars for officers


This suggestion is simply in the spirit of fun, but it would be a nice way for leaders to be able to reward active and loyal officers:

  • When players are promoted to Officer, they can be assigned a specific Officer role (war/events/resources/etc) which gives them a unique badge next to their name in the team player list AND unlocks a custom avatar that can ONLY be used while holding that title.

It would be fun and celebratory, but it would also serve a practical purpose. If you are trying to contact another team, you would (in theory) see who their Atlas/War/Events officer was and be able to send your query to the right member.

Just a thought… :man_shrugging:


:thinking: Where it really matters these titles are already indicated (okay, not in custom chats).

The custom avatar… well, I really wonder how popular it would be. I can only speak for myself, but I truly don’t like following (or attempting to follow) conversations where many people are using the same portrait. It’s just confusing. :man_shrugging:

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Being the only Mod on my team is pretty awesome :rofl: Nobody else has my portrait :smiley:


You mean like this conversation? :upside_down_face:

As you said though, they already have the officer title.





When the mods talk you have to pay extra attention to who is who now :joy::joy:

Edit: I’m not entirely sure the suggestion proposed by the OP is needed. If you are unsure who to message from the other team, wouldn’t the leader be the logical place to start? Also, would players lose access to the “special officer portraits” if they are no longer an officer? Personally I don’t like the idea of portraits that exclusively belong to the leader and designated officer positions, but that’s just me.

If you aren’t sure what officer does what within your own team, perhaps you can mail your leader and have them include that information in the team wiki.

And what would you do about people who are in unofficial officer positions? For instance the guy (or gal) in charge of running your team’s wars isn’t an officer. Do we now need a “war officer” portrait?

I think things are just fine the way they are. After all, forcing people to wear portraits just because of the rank they hold within the team denies them the chance of self expression that they currently have when it comes to portrait choice.


Eh, they could take names out of the forums and it’s all still the same words being said, who it’s coming from has no effect.

Officer badges sound interesting, but if half my team are “officers” as they are core family then what?

For rewards for being in a team and/or a part of a team I suggested Team Birthday Gifts . It’s more than just officers, but rewards loyalty.


Do a lot of teams even segregate their officer roles like that?? I only know of a couple that do. Generally it’s faster to message whichever one is online and they’ll be able to relay it more quickly via tagging or external messaging

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:thinking: I want a new badge…

  • Notify my teammates…
  • Create a new team, and disband it
  • Rejoin my team


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Not sure with the avatar.
What happened if I keep that avatar as my main before rejoin my team?


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I asked the question if you’d lose the avatar (or I guess badge counts too) if you stopped being an officer :woman_shrugging:t2: If it’s officers only… I just hate the idea of losing something you’ve unlocked but at the same time officers only…

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Still nothing on the permanence of the both mythics skin… :cry:


Can I be a mod just so I can have that portrait pretty please lol


idk about the avatars but the badges sound good, would take some spam mails off the leader.


Re: the avatars…I’m thinking something akin to the Headless Horesman.

Obviously not everyone will want to use the avatars. @Shimo yes all teams tend to use officers in a slightly different way, but I still see teams where the officers get very proud and excited about their titles. It’s all about fun in the end.

@OrcaFrost Yes, I think it only works if the avatar is lost once you lose the officer title. I also don’t think there should be one for the leader…that feels like it’s missing the point.

There are very few ways in the game to truly honor and celebrate loyal, hardworking teammates (aside from gifting them a pack or naming a castle after them). If this happened, it would be neat. if not, no biggie.


Being an officer is fun???
Also I feel now this would encourage people who want to be officer for all the wrong reasons :worried:


I found it to be utterly exhausting when I was one back on my old platinum team. I have quite enjoyed being a plebeian on the two teams I’ve been on since leaving my old platinum team. If @Warlord ever makes me an officer, I might throw a hissy fit :joy::joy: Being an officer on a D2 team is way more stressful than what I care to deal with :sweat_smile:


I always thought it was. I’ve been promoted on every team I was on (except for Dragongasms :cry:) for some reason. Lol. Probably cause I’m too outspoken and play way (WAAAY) too much

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I am finally a normal member after probably 3-3.5 years of being officer and it’s a huge relief. I was only officer because I was needed. I never liked it, hated it most of the time but did it for my team. I’ve talked to a lot of other officers/leaders and basically none actually enjoy it. In lower leagues I see more people excited about being officer but higher up it is more of a responsibility