Customer service new low

Over the weekend I made two tickets in game. The first one was a general event mechanic question. Took until after the event to receive a reply.
Second one was a information leak issue that needs addressing. Unfortunately no reply was ever made and my ticket was closed without comment from PG other than the robotic response telling me not to worry that points and resources would eventually show. This was a pathetic show of how to run a company and whomever closed my ticket should in all honesty be reprimanded for ignorance, only thing it did was make an already upset customer even more angry. That’s right PG we are ALL customers and not just numbers to be ignored.
I used no profanity, nor was disrespectful in any regard. Please show the concerns of YOUR customers more respect than complete disrespect.

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edit: nvm, misread, thought they added goodies to your account.

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I’m afraid, you’ve missed out or failed to comprehend, “If a reply is needed, we will contact you shortly”.


The more slow witted the kaos, the dumber the juice.

I always say.

“This automated response does not address my issue.” Do that immediately after you get one of these. I don’t know the exact keywords they look for, but yes, they broadcast automatic responses that fit a large number of tickets and they have a high false positive rate.

I don’t know how familiar support would be, but this sort of info is intentionally exposed to player-created tools through the Atlas API.

If you want to make a case that this info shouldn’t be exposed or that with the existing mechanics it can lead to terrible results, those are great discussions to have. For now it’s a feature, and being very careful with new castles is the correct action.


And honestly without evidence- they’re not going to address it. People fling accusations constantly. I know my team has people who literally combbbbb atlas looking for castles such as those mentioned.


What are the relevant ticket numbers?

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Never mind. Someone on my team dug them out. So, you had two tickets.

Ticket 2156950 was the event issue one.
Ticket 2157016 was the information leak one.

2156960 was submitted on Friday at around 2am our time. There was a canned response about a minute later, but an actual agent responded just over 24hrs later on Saturday at 5am. While that’s a fairly long first reply time, it certainly wasn’t after the event ended.

2157016 was absolutely mishandled, and for that I apologize. For some reason the agent merged it into 2156950, which makes no sense because they’re about different issues. We’ll be talking to the agent in question and getting to the bottom of that.


Thank you for the reply. In regards to the first ticket about the event, it never showed on my end until after the event was finished. Normally speaking when you guys respond to a ticket I receive an email with the next thread on it which records the conversation, this never happened. I usually also receive a notification symbol in game telling me there was a reply, again this never happened. I checked my tickets each day and there was no responses until Tuesday after the event, it was just a general mechanic question about the event so it wasn’t super important but more of a I wanted confirmation because I’d been hearing different to what I thought fact.
I apologize if I came of angry but I was, it’s like talking to a customer servIce rep on the phone and getting hung up on. And because the ticket is closed I could even readdress the same ticket with filing a new one. So from my perspective and that of other I talked to it was more a we don’t want to deal with this issue so we will sweep it under the rug and hope it goes away.
In most cases almost every team uses third party programs to search for castles, look at player information for applicants, check a teams stats etc. But when it comes to who can hire the best bot programmer to take advantage of information not intended, it creates an issue security. What else are these bots able to access? Our personal information? Our locations? Can they use your servers to obtain even more sensitive information while we are connected to the WD servers? The ease to which all this information is being accessed is alarming.

The bots have their uses and for the most part don’t directly affect the experience of the game, other than convenience. But when the bots are able to notify teams of a castles changing hands and exposing momentary weaknesses, it changes the dynamic of the game.
It takes a whole 30 seconds to load infrastructure and add guards but if a team is notified when teams are transferring castles and if they are able to send a prime there to block the adding of guards the castle becomes vulnerable to being conquered if the new owners are super careful. Normally speaking the “enemy” team would have had no clue as to the castle changing hands until it was done and protected again. So yes it is a very small window but still a window.
Sorry for the novel.

There was a whole thread about api and bots , and funny how that thread evolved , it ended up with having alert bots is ok , something I strongly dissagreed on cause it really makes an unfair advantage . But in your case I think you need to understand how api is working and what is allowing . BTW people do scout for castles if that helps . :heart: , you just need to scroll map .


You’re making a lot of assumptions here. Its quite easy to scan the atlas map for low troop castles and see how many guards are there. In game data is certainly available outside of game through the API and whether they choose to use this or not is irrelevant. You can scan the map and find castles mid transition and choose to take them if you want. You’re assuming because this team/5ta has done it multiple times that they are automating it, but that isn’t fact.

With that being said, yes, better developers with the public API are going to make better, faster tools for their alliances. If you’re lazy you can simply do it by hand in the developer portal yourself.