Customer Support Issues

PG really needs to do something to upgrade Customer Support. On Sunday, I submitted a ticket (#2755709) about issues that I was experiencing with poor communication with PG’s servers. I play 3 accts on 3 devices and was experiencing missing invites, crashes, dragons flying to the end and endlessly flapping, buildings that one account would clearly kill but another would have to kill again (I had one building that I had to hit 3 times to take it out), etc. This was only happening in Crystal Caves and NOT in the base game or Atlas and was worst at the beginning and end of team vs team sessions (similar to The Pits).

I didn’t really expect an immediate reply since it was Sunday. On Monday morning, I got a standard boilerplate reply to restart my device, etc., which clearly showed the agent didn’t bother to even read my message. I responded with a request to read the message, fully expecting the other boilerplate message of “We will forward this to the development team”, which is what I really wanted.

Well, I finally get a response from another agent that was time stamped 45 minutes after the end of the event saying that the previous agent was providing troubleshooting tips to check for all workarounds and that if I continue having the same experience in Crystal Caves, after doing that, to let them know.

Clearly, the agent has no idea of how War Dragons works and is only providing pre-scripted responses based upon key words in the message. I was once told by PG Galileo that it was important to submit messages as feedback to PG to identify problem areas. Well here is feeback, your Customer Support agents have zero idea of what they are doing and as a result, submitting tickets is almost always a waste of time.


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:man_facepalming:t2: Just another outsourced not-a-real-job incident.

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That sounds frustrating.

I will say I’ve always had a really good experience with customer support. They’ve always been quick to respond. I don’t know how they work, but perhaps it was because it was a Sunday?

I try to give folks a break on weekends. :sweat_smile:


I had this issue with my accounts too. I was just lazy and forgot to make a ticket :sweat_smile:

I was patient. The responses both came on Monday and the one that asked me to respond if I was still having issues was time stamped after the end of the event. Obviously, they have no idea of when events end or how they work. They also don’t completely read the information in a ticket or else they don’t have enough understanding of WD to comprehend what is being said.

And obviously, my experience with CS is different from yours. I rarely get a response that makes sense and I suspect that most of them are based upon key word searches with canned replies, because I have begun to recognize the wording of several responses.

Welcome to crystal caves! If you search the forums you can probably find several threads about the same issue. PG knows about it, and the rest of us have given up waiting for a fix.

Customer support is fine for easy fixes, but their response to bigger problems and bugs leaves some room for improvement.

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I have two accounts on two devices and experience the same issue frequently over the last couple months. One dragon kills towers completely and the another dragon must come in and kill “dead” towers, that are still there with negligible health points. I also get the “flapping dragon” sequence, resulting in having to quit the game and restart. This happens in Atlas, regular attacks and event attacks. I also see differing percentage amounts of completion when viewing other bases being attacked, either as a ride along or defending. When defending one account shows an attacker at say 34% and the other accounts shows 40%? How can this even be possible?
There are no effective responses other than, restart the game, and “can you send screen shots?” which doesn’t seem like it would be useful, since it’s clearly explained.

I too have had this issue with two devices in the same household running two different accounts. There is some kind of bleed of data between the two accounts.
Workarounds are to exit before the final base to stop the endless flapping, and yes, just accept the follower will be killing again the final 10% of towers that the leader had already 100% killed.

If it were as simple as a bleed of data between accounts, it would also happen in the base game and in Atlas. It would also not primarily occur in Crystal Caves and The Pits, which are the two PvP events where many players are hitting PG’s servers at the same time. To me, this is pretty clear evidence that there is either a roadblock due to limitation’s in PG’s server bank or else it is due to bandwidth issues of the Internet leading into PG’s servers. Either way, it is not something that the boilerplate messages that Customer Service sends out that blame our devices, our Wifi or our ISP. It is on PG’s end, but fixing it either requires increasing the efficiency of their code or spending money to upgrade the Internet connection on their end. But we all know that the chances of that happening are about the same as a blizzard in Saudi Arabia in August.

3 days ago, contacted support as we conquered a Castle, and shield was not showing, no ring whatsoever, and was given different replies, but none of them explained or addressed the issue. Give bad review too, support should be knowledgeable of game, and give answers based on screenshots and what being asked :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Could careless what screen telling you on other side :woman_facepalming:

I conquered a castle yesterday, but no shield went up. Thought this was because the castle was empty and I didn´t deplete any guards, and therefore didn´t trigger the shield. Didn´t your castle show how many guards needed to be killed before it´s bubbled?

Yess, it does say how many troops need to be destroyed ect, but shield is still not visible, therefore have to question if working properly. Thought as long as there were Taunters at Castle, even with 1 troop on it, that guards could not be hit, but they are :woman_shrugging: When got a asshat Diamond player continuously hitting you on top of things, it getting real old already having to try to hold a Castle just for progression purposes, but bullies do not get it, and PG do not care to clean up rest of their toxic player base.