Customize our base


Why can’ We customize our village. Still the same islands with the same shape bit why not choose a mountain base or a forest, desert, cloudy(:rainbow:). The accessories will be found in attacks or in event prize. That can be interesting no?

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They kinda added something like that, the caveat being you have to obtain both seasonal mythics to get them. So it’s basically unobtainable for anyone who isn’t a heavy spender.


Thanks for the quick answer. I am so disappointed :pensive: i wonder if i can grow some trees on my base


Remove all towers :+1:


That’s won’t be a good idea😂
And i only use 3 islands


At a guess, all the graphics would make for too many downloads or too big an app. Remember when the duskfall reskin came out but didn’t come out for Android because the APK was suddenly too big and they took like a weekend to cut it down to size?

I’m sure there are fixes for these minor technical hurdles, but this is War Dragons.


WD has eaten over 2GB anyway :joy::joy::joy:


Mine don’t take place at all :upside_down_face:
I love my cloud :joy: