D1 news february 11

Good morning all you fabulous war dragon players. Today is Monday February 11th in the year of our dragon 4. I’m your host Jeremiah “RealNewsMatters” Sewell and this is your D1 news.

Breeding comes to a close today and across the land dragon lords and dragon ladies begin the tireless journey of leveling dragons. Its little surprise that lethal has taken 1st in the event and with the chances of pvp this week, its back to dread sitting at the top.

As many have now claimed new dragons, new den levels were also released. If you can withstand the urge to level it for the purpose of experting your new dragon this offers a fairly decent amount of free points during fortification requiring no timers.

With some claiming the newest tier, we go over to our everything animal expert the ghost of steve erwin to find out about these dragons.

Before your report on the dragons steve, many here may not be aware but we actively follow the harvenator account, has there been any Harv sightings?

“G’day mate. Today I was in the eastern province of atlas where I filled my pockets with crickets and was investigating reports of some very unfriendly toads when I noticed that the supposedly suspended harv account has increased its medals for the week. Going from 1.53m to 1.6m. This leaves many speculating that the account itself is not suspended and someone is still playing on it.”

Well that seems that it blows many of those rumors out of the water. The ones tied to the screenshots being passed around, doesnt it steve?

“Certainly Jeremiah, and I’ll be watching to see if the account name changes and whether or not it ends up on another team.”

Ok Steve how about these new dragons? What’s your take?

"Well Jeremiah the take is that these dragons appear to be pretty underwhelming. If you look at past season mythic dragons, they really stood out. Itzani and oni defined themself as being good dragons against any base. Even redrian, before that, had it’s own unique place.

The 2 hunters each, are missing just one small thing to make them true power houses. The chinks in the armor may prove to make these dragons one season and done for many.
The warriors are fairly unimpressive as well. And these nasty buggers here, the wizard dragons. I have little to say about them. Capulos is by far the laziest flying dragon I’ve ever seen. With a single white spell that only heals and gives rage the rest of the flying of this dragon is just swiping your finger vigorously across your screen. This dragon is meant for those who want to watch tv while they fly. "

That was a lot said for not much to say Steve.

“Cricky! I might have got carried away Jeremiah. I just dont know how I feel about dragons that take no skill to fly.”

It’s ok Steve and we will look forward to hearing more from you as these dragons see more use in game.

Folks there was a lot of back and forth in LC this weekend, and the new set up for team chat and league chat caused some mistaken messages to be put in the wrong place. Some are asking if this was for pg entertainment. A fun read, if you will, when coords, war targets, and atlas raids are announced to the entire league. The theme otherwise was your typical back and forth expected in diamond 1 with all the major teams taking turns with their shots fired.

Now we head over to our Atlas Analyst JJ for the atlas report. How is it out there JJ?

Thanks Jeremiah. Holy hand grenade it was a pretty agressive weekend in atlas. Lots of teams feeling the heat from the top. We saw multiple raids from the likes of dread lethal neeeze bwab khoas and dc.

The thirst for glory is real and any team sitting on a t4 land, placing a silver prim near easy access areas, or is above 350 is subject to the wrath of the bigs.

Troop build event ends today and players are reminded to finish those last minute revives. If pvp rears its head this week remember to fill the hospital prior to bubbles so you have a chance at maxing the next troop build that starts on Thursday.

Today we will see the prim and rider leveling event begin. If you struggle to find some glory for a defensive rider or prim. Seek out siegers to hit with taunters and trappers, and put defensive riders on your dragons and fly them against bases for easy glory on them. Make sure you take a big enough backer that you max your flames and revives are better.

That’s it for atlas back to you Jeremiah.

Thanks JJ.

The world health organization confirmed that the hearts epidemic will continue on and has affected 100 percent of dragons and their glyph/rune companions. They are looking into a cure and hope that post valentines day the flames will return to normal.

With this comes a new sickness that is affecting many dragon lords and ladies. The madness is the red envelope gift in honor of the year of the pig. In it’s short time spreading across war dragons it has seen players requesting tit for tat sales, requests in lc and social media and for many to jump on their alts to buy themself presents. All in search of a dragon that might see a further nerf. The cure for this sickness is to separate players from their credit cards and give them plenty of rest and water.

Well folks thats it for today. From all of me at d1 news peace love and war dragons. Join us here tomorrow for a special segment of atlas history where we profile some of the past events that helped shape atlas.


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Why would people think Harv’s account is suspended? I assumed he was broken hearted over the incident at NoMercyOrder and stepped away from the game. One’s love for their team can run deep and hurt as deeply.

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