D1 news February 13th

Goooooooooooood morning war dragon people, today is Wednesday February 13th in the year of our dragon 4. I am your host Jeremiah “FeelingRythmic” Sewell, and this is your D1 news.

Today I would like to try something new
Although i feel it’s not a thing i should do
But I’m going to do the news all in rhyme
That’s if I finish, if I have the time
This may be a mistake, one that falls on it face
But who is to say it wont be an ace.
Well let’s get this started before I am able to find
Any old reason to just change my mind

Today in your waters a castle you will peek
To open the door for treasure to seek.
The event is a good one, it’s always a hit
this week you will find yourself down in the pit
The battles will rage with no rest it will seem
So look for advice from with in your own team
Let the officers decide if you battle ahead
Or lower yourself and decide to play dead
In the end it’s the victory points that matter the most
More than personal points one player may boast

What is that over there is that a her or a him
It doesn’t matter the sex just level that prim
Dont forget the riders, they need glory too
With out attacking with them what’s a player to do
Dont forget to kill things before bubbles appear
pvp has arrived and the end of attacking is near

LC has been quiet while some continue to troll
They think they are witty when they get on a roll
The usual suspects not too crazy of late
Perhaps they are busy finding a valentines date

Atlas is hectic with glory hunting galore
The biggest of bigs always wanting some more
And for those not in atlas this conclusion I’ll drop
Yes it is dread that still sits at the top
But make no mistake there are others out there
Here is a small list in case you weren’t aware.
Royal, BWAB, DC, Lethal, tw, creed are a few
I just realized this was not something to do.
There are too many teams for me to list them all
So instead I’ll move on, yeah that’s a good call

Tomorrow promises a special valentines report
We bring back Rico for his normal retort
I’ll ask in JJ for the everything atlas detail
And I’ll have a guest that is sure to derail
I’ll have over special Ed all though it is a mistake
Everytime he’s here it’s just another thing he will break

Not much for news on this blustery day
So it’s about that time that I need to say
From all of me at the D1 news crew
I wish you all well, and I’ll be back in a few
Keep it classy my friends and avoid the sappy
And for the love of itanzi keep those dragons happy


Even though I do not have as much talent or time as you, I’ll try to bust a rhyme.
I truly enjoy every report, right from the very start. Sometimes u make me laugh so hard I have to fart.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:




Love it❤️


He did say that his dailies contain sarcasm. :slight_smile:

These posts are cute. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Man, if you are not a writer by profession, you’ve missed your calling. These are great!


Enjoying these… definitely a daily drop in :+1:


Love this :heart::heart:


Brilliant job, Jeremiah!


Actually I’m a 6’1" 220 lbs tattooed retire marine who works as a maintenance/environmental manager and mechanical engineer at a chemical company. Yeah if I were to take up writing poetry I’d have to do so from behind a pseudonym versus my real self. I dont think it would be very marketable to the world if they saw me


Haha this is great

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Semper Fi



Great job hahahah


Loved it lol

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I can not rhyme
For I can’t keep a time
So I’ll give up now
And leave with a bow
That was the best I could come up with
You did amazing Jeremiah!


Thank you thank you. I’ll be here all week. And next week. And the week after


Best yet :blue_heart:

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The news from S1 is pure drama at it’s best! :scream:
We spend or we grind without rest.:muscle:
Would be nice if the hunt had double the chest.:man_shrugging:

The grinders are mourning their chance. :balance_scale:
Hoping pg might change their stance.:moneybag:
Maybe let some players catch up and join the dance.:man_dancing:

That’s my best quick attempt
:crazy_face:I’m no poet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:that’s for sure!

Peasant news!
Signing off!:crazy_face:


Please please let me in, says closed group so I need approval
And who knows what else :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: