D1 news introduction


Gooood morning war dragons forums. My name is Jeremiah and this is the first of what hopefully will be many d1 news segments here on the forums.

Some background on me and the D1 news.

I started this game when it came to android. I’ve been a loyal player for a very long time. This game has brought me joy it has brought me frustration. It has filled a void in the times I’ve struggled with things.

I am a unique person and as you follow my news you will soon find this out. I post d1 news monday thru Friday in the mornings.

I got my start in a war dragon Facebook page but due to a difference of opinion I’ve decided to move here. What started out as a joke and gained a following. I’d like to continue it here. Some of you will be familiar with my posts. Some of you will not.

Either way the purpose is to bring some joy to the game in a fun way by using my own personal dialogue to both offer advise and laugh at the many rigors of the game.

If this needs to be off topic I fully understand, but being that it is very much about diamond 1 and offers advice about game I hope general discussion will be ok.

To some just joining it may seem a little weird. I use different personalities within my own thread to discuss news across war dragons. The news is whimsical and will contain my take on things.

The purpose will be to bring information and fun in a different way than is usually delivered.

I’ll make sure to stick to the light hearted and remain as unbiased as one can be while being a member of a diamond 1 team.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in these as I get started. If it is not wanted by the forum I will look else where to post.



Can’t wait to see what you have in store


Found it


Jeremiah “carefulwithsaws” Sewell is bringing his D1 News to the forums?!

Since I go without any social networking sites I’ve only had the pleasure of reading your posts through screenshots added to Line and I’m happy you’ll be bringing the posts to the forums for more players to enjoy. While not everyone can play in D1, we can all appreciate all the drama that happens up there. Just like on the book of faces, the forums have plenty of trolls so don’t let them bring you down and just allow the rest of us to enjoy your insights. Looking forward to them!




Yay found it!!


Been following D1 new since the beginning. Love it!


Thanks! Moved it there (I’d really like a “Creative” sub-forum for stuff like this)


You should quote that and send it to Crisis and Arelyna


I’m genuinely excited for this!


I had no idea this existed. :flushed:

Will it be like a soap opera? Who is wooing who? Who is mad at who? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s a unique view of life in d1


Yay! Now I can post without revealing my real name. :rofl:


:thinking: Don’t you do that already? (At least your real IGN :sweat_smile:)


Oh lord. What have I done


So no Romeo and Juliet / star-crossed lovers. :pleading_face:


Who knows what every day holds


I bet there’s a player in Dreadnought secretly in-love/lust with a player in NoMercyOrder. :grin::popcorn::popcorn:

Gonna read your daily posts to make sure I don’t miss anything. :+1:t3:


Is it promised as daily ?


Oops, weekday daily