D1 news introduction


I want a refund if not.


Refund? If anyone paid for my chaotic rambling they need help. And its monday thru Friday btw. I dont often post anything on the weekends because that’s ginga and bane time


Waiting patiently with my coffee


As someone new to the game, I can’t wait to hear all the ins and outs of life up at the top. Really curious to how chaotic the battles and planning is. The amount of time and money spent… Can’t picture the multiplier for someone at that level so I’ll look forward to uncovering it in the posts… Lol


You have way to high of expectations for this post lol.


did you posting here or make a new post each news? i cant post something on facebook back then haha


60% of the time, your D1 news, makes me smile every time.


Lol creative.

D1 yall cute af


LOVE IT!! Cant wait. I have been following you since day 1…


Cant wait!!


Where do I find it?


Today’s topic is called d1 news February 11


This will be better than facebook i think anyways


I’m excited, cant wait to read