D1 NEWS says goodbye

Well that was short lived. I’m moving back to Facebook where i just have to avoid old Zuckerberg. It’s hard to report the goings on in a league if you cant name teams in it. And apparently that coupled with ed is a no no for forums. My apologies for who ever was offended. I wont not report the goings on with teams because what’s the point in news if I stop. And if you dont follow politics of atlas then you are doomed to fail. I wont change my characters because I am an equal opportunity employer. This time ill be on my own page. If you want to follow the news I’m sure you can search war dragons d1 news and find the group.


This makes me a very sad panda


That sucks it was very entertaining.


I had a feeling this would happen. I don’t think this is isolated to these forums either. People seem to get hurt feelings over the most minor things these days.

If anybody out there has developed a time traveling apparatus or needs a volunteer for testing, please contact me. I’d be interested in anything pre 9/11. Yes, I’m 100% serious.


:cry: This is very sad news. Your posts were very entertaining.

Is the group/page already live for D1 news on FB?

:joy: :joy: everyday I realize more and more that this forums is not for the community is for a selective numbers of players and teams. What a joke. People where enjoying this news everyday. There isn’t one single bad comments but of course This news comes from a place where there is too much power. I am really sure if this news where from gold or platinum league no one would even care.


please share the link!!!

Bwahahaha yeah I think someone lied to people at some point and told them they are entitled to things that they are not. They told them not to remember the whole sticks and stones thing and they all need the “show me where he hurt you doll”.

It is what it is and what it is is something else.

Either way I started my own page and it’s already filling up. Got 100 members ish right now and growing in the first hour it’s been open.

Going to stick to the news only and leave the rest of the war dragons community to do what they do best.


So happy you created your own group :blue_heart::blue_heart:



I’m sorry. Do you need a copy of your original post? I’ll send it to you


This is depressing :pensive:. What’s your page name so we can find you there?


Here it is



Your the best :hugs:


I know :sunglasses::rofl::rofl:

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This is just sad. And I dont mean Sad as in cry but more like BS! People need to get over themselves and stop putting so much effort into things made to be amusing. Not everything is made to be “offensive”. Get over yourself. Makes it hard to support a website like this when it seems it only is here to benefit some rather then the whole.
Thanks for posting the link @Sam really appriciate it!


People need to get a life and learn to laugh at themselves and the comedy of it all, Life is too short not too. Good grief, always a minority that F’s it up for everyone else. If they didn’t like it they could just block the topic :rage:


Thank you Sam👍🏻


Boy that is some bull crap. The censorship on here has gotten ridiculous lately. Can’t even finish reading a thread before it’s locked.



Would it be inappropriate for me to copy the dailies and post them under off-topic? With credit to @Pestilence of course. :eyes: