D1 player looking for new team

LFT – 409, DonovanZ looking for D2-S2 with decent atlas castles


Language: English
Time Zone: GMT -8
Played time: 1.5 years
Age Range: 40-ish
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Namaka, Ronin, Pathox, Surt
Highest Lineage Dragon: Empy

About: I’m currently on a D1 team but don’t have the time to participate in the current level of atlas destruction we’re a part of. I’ve never missed a war, never missed team min (1.2k sigil prize) and my base has an attack screen DP of 4.07b. I’m looking for a team that still has decent daily castle and team rewards but will fit my time commitment.

Please don’t message if you’re a platinum or saph team that needs a higher level but doesn’t meet what I’m looking for. Such as you have no level 3s, more level 2s than 3s, etc. Level 4s are preferred.


May wanna take out that d2 annd sap 2 cuz folks there in aylas wars to

Were in S3… we only have T3s but we have 2 in every element… get decent prizes, super laid back… come join ShaHappens you won’t be disappointed


LeaugeofSouls think we have a spot S2 currently plenty of atlas stuff without an overload of crap

Found a team, thanks. Please close. @moderators

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