Daily bonuses after update

Will we get our bonuses back soon? Or our daily egg tokens? Right now, neither is being Applied.

@PGEggToken @PGDave

Where are the daily egg token bonus now anyways?

I’m more interested where are troops in garrisons,lol
Shouldn’t they been compensated in ratio,close,to that,which we had earlier?

Sorry, bonuses work but I’d like my daily eggs please. Thanks.

our team token payout hasn’t been paid either. but also looks like egg tokens bonuses are reduced and replaced with some crappy 1 hour clocks, and a few troops that would take a few minutes to build.

all Your troops are in the barracks

Why is the gold at the mine reduced???

Tribute is now based on the castles you own:

Eggie, the bonus screen isn’t reading all of our castle levels. It’s picking ONLY our highest level castle to apply infrastructure points from.

Why buffs got nerfed agaaaaain?

Is this the intended consequence @PGEggToken ? (these forts are not level 0)

We are having the same issue 0 bonus on our forts as well. @PGDave so we won’t be getting any egg tokens tomorrow because of it.

Something’s amiss here. We’ll check it out.

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Also where do we chose which daily bonus we want?

Tribute bonuses was affected by a visual UI bug that we were able to fix late last night.

To select your Tribute type, tap on the wiggly Chest icon to collect tribute, and the menu will present you with three icons to choose from. Only the Tribute types that your castles provide a bonus towards will be selectable.

Lastly, we found something that the bonuses UI doesn’t do well, which is communicate that each different bonus is tappable to see the bonus that each castle contributes. This mainly refers to all 5 crafting materials under “Refinery” and the three Tribute types under “Fort”. Try tapping on each one to see the breakdown of bonuses from each of the castles your team owns. I’ve reported this so that we can improve the functionality later on.

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