Daily Check In Discussion Thread


Please discuss your thoughts on the Daily Check In Bonus here.

Link to the full announcement:

Daily Check In Coming to War Dragons

This should be BIG and BOLD


In order to progress through each day’s rewards, you’ll need to log into War Dragons every day.

Is this just logging in, or does the prize need to be claimed by tapping the bounty harbor, as things are now?


I’m sure you need to click but good question :green_heart:

Plus I assume if you logged in but forgot to click that prize will reset to Day 1 next day? @PGCrisis


so what are the rewards? or do we need to wait until tomorrow?


We should be able to “save the day” if we skip a day from time to time. No margin for error seems a bit harsh.

What about an option “You missed a day and your progress was reset. Would you like to pay 50 rubies to resume to your progress point (you can still use this feature 1/2 times).” Limited use, but at least it gives people a chance to redeem themselves…


Either this.


Have the end of each successful week as a “checkpoint” in which you can’t lose progress


Not 200 rubies/400 if you have elite. Not 400/800 tokens for a Day 30 prize. I’m talking a few thousand.

Make people not forget about it.

Do you know how many times i’ve accidentally forgotten to send 1000 lumber to my teammates and lost out on the 100 sigil prize because of it? And i’m on for tons of hours each and every day, and still missing things like that. Now over a 30 day period, you had better make it worth people’s time to claim it every single day.


I’m going to wait to see it in game before I discuss it, but I will say I really hope the prizes are worth it.

(For anyone concerned about my health, I’m not holding my breath on this one.)


I would assume this is claimable from the base screen (i.e. no need to click into a separate prize screen to collect). Just like current Bounty Harbour.

If not then :fire:


I also forget to “collect” my perch XP most days :unamused:


I can’t like this enough. Where’s the superlike button? I’ll HULK SMASH it! :laughing:


I forgot that was a thing :joy:


Your OCD doesn’t extend to clearing all check marks?


The latter - prizes will need to be claimed by tapping on the Bounty Harbor, something you already do every day!

Let me double check, but I believe the answer is yes.

Great suggestion! It may not be ready for tomorrow when the feature is released, but I’ll be sure to bring this up with the team.


Mech has better ideas. Please make sure to submit them to the team too :blush:


Gotta echo @mechengg here. I know the post says that the prizes in the screenshot are “not final and subject to change,” but I’m already seeing two major flaws.

  1. Quality! Some of the prizes described, like “defensive/offensive boosts,” are nigh-worthless. They drop often enough from other sources that active players are making more than they spend. You said the list will change for players level 50+, but the list should not include anything that an active player wouldn’t actually want to find. So no dragon spells, no defensive/offensive boosts for towers or dragons, no 3 minute timers, etc.

  2. Quantity, quantity, quantity. In the screenshot you’re showing prizes ranging from “The sort of thing that would be a pleasant bronze chest drop,” to “Useless junk.” And those are the end of the month rewards, the biggest, fanciest ones possible. You could increase those rewards by a factor of ten without going too far, and some of those - like the shields and embers - would still be almost nothing. The rewards shown are definitely not large enough to be a noteworthy motivation to make sure you’re there every day.

Edit: That said, I do appreciate the intent to listen and improve by adding player loyalty rewards. I just think that PG still does not have a good concept of the relative values of their digital goods.


Precisely 1000% agree on this


Anyway yay crisis way to go! Whoooo!!! Thank you pg team for being amazing! But for real you guys might need to scale those prizes to be a little more beneficial. After all 30 days is loyalty by consistency in attendance.


Gotta agree that if those shown are prize samples of what we are getting, then PG missed the boat again on showing loyal players they actually care.

I will expect crappy prizes per PG custom and be happy if they are not.


The other thing i should mention is that instead of 2 levels, i really think there should be a level up feature like a forge or other building. L2 could unlock at L50, but you could upgrade it for free when you hit this level. Doesn’t need a wood mechanic, but something to “level up” is nice. And i’m not sure that L50 should be receiving the same rewards as a L200 or a L300 or a L400. I think multiple level ups are required, each both changing items received, as well as quantities of items received.

L1-49: Assortment of all items, all items in lower quantities
L50-99: Remove tower boosts, all items in slightly higher quantites
L100-L199: Remove shields & gunpowder, increase quantities a bit more and give preference to tokens
L200-299: Remove dragon boosts, increase quantities quite a bit and give preference to timers
L300-399: Highest quantites of all, with strong preference for timers earned
L400+: Double the quanities of everything in previous tier