Daily Check In Discussion Thread


They bump rewards every fifth day


Yeah I need more boosts, because at the moment I can boost my base for only “4 Years” and my amount of boost is still increasing.

Mecheengs idee would be great, scale it on players level.


The prize reset is like any other daily check in on any game if you miss a day it resets while it may seem harsh it’s a standard practice for all games unfortunately I occasionally miss a day so will be subject to it as well that being said just that they have given us the daily bonus is a good start.


I guess this is why I have little hope that anything is ever going to change. I REALLY don’t see why you (PG) would need a “discussion thread” to find that this is actually worse then the crap we had before. Words escape me…

Did anyone at PG actually think this would somehow make anyone over level 30 or so even remotely “happy”?


Good idea poor execution. Reconsider restructuring of prizes coz after years of playing what you offered is truly pitiful and completely useless for my lvl


I was holding out hope that the day 30 prize was going to be a ballista resist, feeling disappointed now


We agree, so what’s the rest of the bit about? Fyi I’m casual daily plus hoarding for over a year, not my goal to compete with spenders just enjoy the ride.


I have a dream, albeit a dream that will never come to fruition. A dream of a good game, a well run game. A game that values its players and all whom have supported them over the years. A dream where the developer understood their own game. A dream where balance was achieved and not just contemplated. I have a dream where the game makers understood what it is like to be a legitimate player. A dream, oh what a dream. Time to wake up i suppose, to the nightmare that is PG.


For everyone so concerned about missing a day…

These “prizes” are absolute rubbish. I’d rather have rubbish 4 times a day as opposed to only once. What exactly am I, or anyone playing the game, supposed to do with 15 elemental embers after being awarded for checking in for 23 days straight? To build a level 1 tower takes 100. ¯\(ツ)@PGCrisis


are you claiming 7 months of playing dailey for a level one tower isn’t worth the effort?


I thought this was supposed to be an improvement for players? I mean, PG announced it like “we’re listening to you and here’s one of the things we’re doing to make things better!” Right?

So why would they roll out a nerf? :woman_facepalming:


you answered you own question:


Rewards are joke for daily check in


So I didn’t do all the maths - but at a glance, it appears that the Daily Check In is actually worse than the old bounty harbor… getting similar quantities of similar items, but only 1 time per day now…

I think maybe we need to officially define what ‘Quality of Life’ and ‘Improvement’ are… Because at best, this must be a misunderstanding. AT BEST.


= things that will improve PG’s income so they can live it large.

= Improve bottom line.

There, defined for you :slight_smile:


Come on PG wake up stop insulting us
You know this doesn’t help any one but new ppl
You keep proving to us you really don’t care about your fan base


The rewards for the daily check-in are pretty much worthless. I honestly would have preferred to keep things the way they were. At least I would have had a chance to get add-on spells that I use.

What’s in the calendar now is barely a drop in the bucket for what mid to higher levels use in terms of resources and speed ups. It’s great that it scales at 50, but it should keep scaling every 50-100 levels or so. I feel that either whomever came up with the rewards is a direct descendant of Ebeneezer Scrooge, or doesn’t play any mobile games, because there are countless examples of other games that do this A LOT better.


Or instead of basing it on level, take all rewards and multiply them by the # of months a player has been playing. Reward long term players. Even then the rewards still wouldn’t be great.


Bounty harbor handed out xp potions, where’d they go?


I have to admit that I commend PG’s consistent prowess of falling short of players’ expectations. They keep giving something in one hand and taking something else with the other, and the results are in general less than what we previously had or with a meager improvement. The prizes in the daily check-in are less than desirable for the most part, even my lv 35 alt doesn’t need it.

You want my honest opinion? This new daily check-in thing feels rushed and unrefined. The prizes, to be relevant, should have been ten times what is offered and we don’t need tower or dragon boosts, nor defensive tools except hammers. Players need tokens and rubies, timers and embers and possibly black pearls, all this in WORTHWHILE QUANTITY. Not that junk we’re presented. I won’t believe the GPF went along this idea, I’m sure they struggled to improve it and PG didn’t listen because it would be such a novelty for them to actually meet our expectations.

Call me naive, but I still had a small hope we’d actually get something better than before this time, even though I was wary because PG proved us times and times again they hardly listen to us. But as I keep getting disappointed my trust is slowly decreasing. It’s sad to get used to it.

Nevertheless, keep trying to improve PG, and I’m not sarcastic saying this.
Give us some of the Gems you keep in your Pocket, please pay forward to the community playing your game daily. Someday maybe you’ll get it right. If you listen to your player community and its representatives in the GPF.