Daily Check In Discussion Thread


I do have to agree here. When I imagine another two years of this I start to understand how @MikeH8sDisGame got to be where he is now…


I see a lot of people saying 10x the amount. I personally think you’re severely underestimating the norms across all games and where this should be. Once a week most games give enough if you’ve logged in everyday to do something useful. 50% of materials needed for a tower upgrade would be that equivalent. It’s not an insane amount to expect either.

Edit… By this I mean 50% of the embers required to level a current flak. Heck if it was as minimal as you made it 30 days, yay here’s 5000 embers that wouldn’t be crazy due to costs of flaks.


They’ll be screwed, just like when anything currently happens that causes them to be unable to play. PG has been pretty clear they won’t reimburse you even when it’s proven it’s not your fault.


I am looking forward to my 6.5k lumber pack next week. With elite i get 13k. Meaning i just have to collect this 140 times to upgrade one tower level.

Or i could do a 2 min attack and have the same.


I’m lucky enough to be breeding the discounted dragons at the moment. Because of that, I only have to collect these rewards for four years (with elite), and I’ll nearly have enough tokens for half a dragon.

Which of course the egg tokens from the old harbor would’ve done even without elite.

But hey at least I get to build a free level 75 flak every three to four centuries.


Do all free items need to come from the same bucket? Perhaps give that some thought…


We know from experience that if we ask for more PG will just pretend to ignore this thread because we are greedy players… :unamused:


How does it go, “disappointed but not surprised”? Well, not even disappointed this time. You guys have been amazingly consistent at this ish.

And the whole BS of it being the first version or whatever is laughable at best. Even as a first version of it, you should know how pathetic these “check ins” are.


No, no they don’t, but it was an example. Also, the 1k + bronze chests I grind for every PvP seem to lack that particular item. I care less about this than I did about the bounty harbor.

When was the last time if ever that 2 tower upgrades changed your entire fort event?


Lol, you’re not wrong


I think we have somehow forgotten that we have been yelling for everyone to be treated the same. This was the first step in making that happen.

Now we all can pray that the next step is to actually address the value issue. There is potential here and I certainly hope that the GPF can successfully provide a scale that is more realistic for what items are actually worth.


:joy: Seriously is this the best you can do? If this is a glimpse of the road for 2019 it’s going to be one bumpy ass ride. Y’all do realized stuff like this is why your player base has no faith in you anymore. This is no better than the old bounty harbor and maybe worse.


Maybe add 2-3 0s


To the left of the decimal and to the right of the current significant digit.

Gotta specify. Leading zeros or after the decimal is what we’d get otherwise.



Really disappointed with the crappy rewards. If the goal was to make players happier, it would have been better to do nothing. This wasted effort has only made players more upset.

Hard to believe it’s possible to get this so wrong when so many suggestions have been made by the player base. It’s almost like this was done deliberately for some unfathomable reason.


Totally starting to believe this. I think they’re trolling us.


To,weed out non-spenders perhaps? Remember, if you don’t spend, you are an expense for PG.


Well you are kinda right. But PG takes it a lot farther. Even if you do spend, you are garbage to them unless you buy big packs. Elite is the same as F2P to PG (based on how they treat them anyways).


Not really. Elite people need F2P cannon fodders to keep company. Unless PG can create bot players.


E2P don’t really qualify under the umbrella of P2P. There’s a huge difference between those 2. E2P is mostly the same as F2P, just F2P takes twice as long.

On topic. Prizes are worse than the bounty harbor bc at least you could collect the harbor 3 times a day