Daily Check In Discussion Thread


E2P I feel should keep the company afloat and have a little extra, the packs and everything else is extra extra. F2P is no money. This along with

E2P and F2P are not even mostly the same.


How many and at what levels?


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I don’t think PG has a big enough player base to survive (and make a “little extra”) on just selling elite. Even with the new elite for atlas.


Exactly but you need to understand what running a company costs to understand what you said.

Bambam just learned how LEGO works so don’t waste too much energy on this one


What is regular elite per year cost? With 6208 wars per week, 3104 teams, average of 40 members per team, and 50% pay for elite that’s 62,080 members. This is only the teams that have been in a war this week. Yes some can be from multiple wars but the playerbase is still huge.


And I wonder how many of those are alt accounts instead of unique players…


You don’t have elite on your alts? Still a player with elite.


Thanks for the 0.0083% of embers I need for my next flak tower.


Conservatively we could estimate 45 players per team on every team P4 through D1 = 52,875 players. 75% for regular elite @ $40/yr = $1,586,250/ year as a fairly conservative estimation on REGULAR ELITE ALONE.

Assuming another 25% of those who buy regular elite get Atlas elite 50% of the time, that’s an additional $198,280/ year.

Almost $2M/yr on subscription income alone… Does that run the whole show - probably not when your HQ is in San Fansisco. But they’re definitely not hurting.


2 million does not sound like it would be enough to cover overhead and a decent profit.


honestly I doubt it would keep the lights on in the office space and meet payroll let alone whatever they use for servers (AWS?) etc…

Even if they only had 40 employees making 50K per year (no health insurance anything else) it would take 2 million


We are getting far afield here… Let’s get back to the subject at hand


Nope. My alt account doesn’t have elite and I don’t really play it anymore. I just use it for helping my main account with team quests. As a member of a D2 team, it takes a lot of time and energy to run one account. I like being able to do other things with my time so it’s one account only now. I was more actively playing my alt when I was on my old platinum team and the alt was on the team with me.


Well, assuming 40 employees dedicated to,war dragons full time, so their costs are fully allocated to this game.


We have to remember that this is ONE of several games they have going. I definitely don’t think it’s enough to run the whole business. I don’t even think it’s enough to cover their portion of the business. I was focusing on a simple calculation on one facet of the income of one team.

Would be interesting to know how many employees are dedicated to WD…


Guys. This is not a “is PG floating” or a E2P/F2P/P2P discussion.

It’s a daily check in discussion. I hope they take mech’s and a few other’s ideas into consideration.


As long as also Mech’s words


Do you post just to be argumentative? You’ve said your piece. Please stop antagonistically posting and let other players opinions stand on their own.

On topic: I also supportive Mech’s suggestions for changes to the daily check in. Please listen to the GPF.


I don’t understand why anyone is upset it’s a daily check in it’s like getting anything from the harbor you click on it and go on about your day and to see so many complaints about it makes no sense to me as a parent when someone gives my child a gift even if they don’t like it we tell them say thank you and move on another complaint is the reset for missing a day we’ll check out most any other game and the daily check in is reset as well so… I say at least your all getting the daily check in that so many people complained about not getting


Did you notice that it’s less than what we used to get from bounty harbor since we could collect at least twice / three times a day (four technically, but doubt anyone did)?