Daily Check In Discussion Thread


We should all agree with a post we feel is relevant and voice why we disagree, or have a concern, if we do. That’s the point of a forum like this.

I agree scaling is not a bad thing as long as it doesn’t get out of hand to flop the system and make progression rate easier as you level higher. Easier than now is not what I’m talking about, as it is currently x10 more difficult walls, this is a problem.


Except in this case, that person who gave your child a gift took away three of their other presents. Since the bounty harbour could be collected from multiple times and now we can only claim it once and the rewards are objectively garbage.


I had low expectations for daily check-in based on A/B screenshots.

I did not think PG would nerf the bounty harbor of all places.

I was wrong. Mea culpa.

This feels like the drunken intern’s end-of-semester project. FFS it is better to SKIP A DAY after day 11 due to rewards resetting. This is the OPPOSITE of the purpose of a daily checkin reward.

I don’t even care that the rewards are miniscule; after all, bounty harbor rewards are miniscule too and I still claimed them. I’m more offended that PG rolled this out without even bothering to check that the rewards scaled UP as you went further along the path. This is ludicrous.


I just came to say “I told y’all”. ¯\(ツ)


In most games I played that had those kinds of daily check-in, it was either 5 days or a week-long. If it was longer (like a month) and you missed a day it would make the last prize of the month unobtainable and sometimes you could even still claim it for a fee.

I wouldn’t mind it resetting if it was a 7-days login bonus and I missed a day, but losing all your progress over a month for one slip-up is not fun. Granted that the prizes at the end of the period should be worth the effort… Which isn’t the case at the moment…


I was asked to put this here: Since its subject to change and all, can the rewards actually benefit the player? Getting 2 food packs of 6k is not enough to feed my perch, let alone actually do anything besides fly a dragon with it (a hatchling). Not trying to sound ungrateful but the rewards should be scaled to the player.

Just as the bronze chests were.

And while I’m on this soap box, a Daily Check in bonus shouldn’t effect the Bounty Harbor gifts. If this was supposed to be a “bonus” then taking away the Bounty Harbor gifts isn’t a bonus. You’re literally replacing it and not giving us anything. This is a slight of hand move, a distraction technique. The Trojan Horse.

“We’ll call it something else and they’ll believe it” Well “we won’t be fooled again”.

It will literally cost you nothing to actually do something good for us, we are the reason you exist.


THIS IS A NERF simple as that.

@PGCrisis @Arelyna let me introduce you to a concept called the sniff test. Everytime you want to bring out a feature, just take a little sniff and if it smells, don’t release it.


I’m on one that has two dailies: one low point on a recurring weekly cycle (still more valuable than this one) and the second that keeps increasing in value for every 30d set set completed, along with high point value breakpoints every three days and a large bonus at the end.


Especially if something happens IRL, it’s almost as if they think we all don’t have actual lives. Some of us are military, so sometimes you can’t be on your phone. “I’m sorry Master Sergeant, had to log in for that ‘bonus’ - that’s why we got hit by a RPG.” (Maybe not that dramatic but you all get my point.) It would better set up if it reset at the end of the week.


I completely retract every single one of my posts asking for the bounty harbor check in to be released to everyone. PG in effect nerfed the existing player base and I’m very sorry I requested this junk. What a joke, PG. Nobody will ever care if the miss a day, or a week.


Is it april fools early?


Okay I’m gonna go against the flow and echo Mech’s sentiments: this is a baseline from which to start.

We players need to consider a couple things here before we go off the deep end:

  1. This is exactly what we should expect from a dev whom we already know is completely out of touch with their game. It is worth noting that they do appear to be making an effort to improve, but they’ve been out of touch for so long, we shouldn’t expect a 180 overnight. We’re gonna have to show some restraint and continue helping them understand.

Like teaching a puppy not to bite.

  1. The reward distribution actually looks promising, but as has been stated the quantities are off. Like, a lot. 1 for 2 so far.

Now PG, the onus is yours to apply this feedback in a timely manner. Clearly the players feel the current state of this spread is underwhelming. Make adjustments EXPEDIENTLY.

Good start, keep going.


Hey it saves he time from logging in every six hours


I don’t think the fault is on dev side, they programmed the thing, they didn’t put the quantities, that is probably more management sided

  1. Don’t reset. Not after 30 days, or even 365 and no penalty for forgetting to open, as a player checks in, it increases by a day they are already getting penalized by falling behind. Assuming of course PG that you adjust what is given put per player level and increase the start by at least one order of magnitude and 2 orders would be preferable.


Average budgeting numbers for IT employees is around 200k when you figure in salar, benefits, bonuses, health insurance etc… 2m wouldn’t go very far


So now instead of 3 crummy prizes a day (claiming every 8 hours) we get one crummy prize a day. :roll_eyes:


There should be a reset if you fail to log in for a day. That is the way all games with progresssion daily bonuses work.


I’m not sure I see the evidence of this. I would say “even though we have not seen evidence of any effort to improve, they do say they are going to”


Did you notice the 24hr & 48hr timers in forge?