Daily Check In Discussion Thread


You weren’t kidding, who has the forge time on em? I haven’t upgraded past lvl 5 forge.


Yea its deff concerning that no one responded to that comment or question for sure yet…


What I mean is this looks like a construct wherein they can provide more/better rewards. It’s not moving in the right direction yet, but it is leaning


this is in the prize line up too.


Thread posted here for timers forge time


So I really feel like this has been a downgrade. I used to get a small prize every 6ish hours. Sometimes they weren’t great, sometimes they were pretty good. Now I get one of these prizes every 24 hours and I don’t see them as much better than what I was getting to warrant losing out on prizes every 6 hours… I really do not like this change.


It is like an EMP went off at PG HQ. The silence is deafening


Shitty daily “value packs” and now bounty harbor nerf. I smell a pattern and it ain’t roses, boys and girls…


@BadgerWar inspired me.

Every Dragon Lord in War Dragons liked rewards a lot.
But the Harbormaster of their castles . . . did not.
He hated rewards, from chests and from seasons.
Now please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be he thought sixty bokens was grand.
It could be he’d already hatched Jormungand.
But the likeliest source of so much of his wrath
was that this bro just was not good at math.


Good or no? Won’t be buying it anyways but it’s tempting


This one is pretty good actually for everyone who suffer from ember shortages.
If only the price was like 50 dollars that would be more appealing definitely


I made the mistake of buying one of these that had egg tokens in it. Now the same exact one has show up 3 times in a row… The software behind this isn’t very smart.


That’s a lot of embers, maybe lol


Thats only good for about 4 flak levels. Waste.


Lol true, assuming you’re including the lumber levels


As if in fairwell, or perhaps as a taunt, the very last prize I collected from the old bounty harbor was 400 rubies, no BS. :disappointed:


Yeah I was shocked to see that after what a month of almost perfect daily check in you get something that’s barely better than the day 1 prize. Way to reward loyalty and time spent.

Less stick and more carrot PG. I promise it will generate more revenue for anyone who a daily logon appeals to. Your current setup is more akin to what a used car salesman does for big spenders.


I haven’t added it up but it’s been live for almost a month and I’m pretty sure this is a nerf over the harbor.

After 30 days I can look forward to 4 x 12 hour timers. (I’m assuming those are 12 hours and not 3 hours)

Are they aware we (most of us) can count?


As far as I know the percent savings may be a joke but they are based off of actual values they decided on. The typical purchase is the $100 pack which is 75% off, this is less than that, so it’s almost the same value of that pack if they had a $75 pack. (Aka I wouldn’t even consider buying it unless it was more than 75% off and something I actually wanted)


It’s been 18 days since PG responded on this thread. Waste of time at this point to comment further.

Just another prime example of PG blows smoke up our ass by saying they are listening but really are not.