Daily Check In Discussion Thread


Completely agreed.


Fear not, they are discussing about it for the 2021 roadmap. A rise of all the prizes by 5%


How come my daily rewards does not include inner fires, epacks and shards like other players?





If my memory serves well, the announcement said there are 3 different cards. Once you finish the first one by collecting all the prizes, the next one comes. After 90 consecutive days the whole thing starts again.


Other members of my family and friends have inner fires, epacks and shards on their calendar


What does your calendar look like?


Yours might actually be better tbh lol useful spells in there


And? They have a different card (prize cycle), that’s okay.

I can’t quote so here’s the screenshot:

Day 28 has Energy Packs, just like D13 did.


I am not sure how spells are useful to me since I prefer to use season dragons in my attacks. Especially when I have to grind in events to earn sigils to claim one.


Thank you, I guess I need to read it more carefully. Appreciate it.


My pleasure. :hugs:


If a daily login total by the time you get to the event and having been done every day makes no appreciable difference… It’s a bad login reward and no one will consider it a reason to login.


What level are you? Below 50 perhaps?

Prizes will change slightly for players level 50 and up; We’ve switched some of the items so that they are more relevant to higher level players (including prizes like inner fires / energy packs / etc.)

edit: Because players below level 50 just skip pvp events? Pretty weird, PG. When I was low level I didn’t understand IF, but I was starving for the energy required to participate. Let the newbies play!


Are you a clairvoyant???


Nerf nerf nerf nerf. 2018 the year of the nerf.


@PGCrisis @Arelyna
I just spent an hour reading this whole thread, and haven’t seen any mention… What’s with the golden Laurel things we also get 2 of each day ? Don’t see them anywhere else. What are they?


It’s the double prize for holding an elite account


More clearly - it represents that you have Elite and you get x2 of the daily prize shown. It is NOT a separate prize…