Daily Check In Discussion Thread


@Arelyna @PGCrisis

Any response to the fact that Bounty Harbour is now nerfed from 4x a day to 1x a day with LESS goodies?


Inline with all of the other nerfs, hutzil, pathox, daily “value” packs that are worse than the previous ones, etc.


I think the daily prizes needs overhaul. Prizes should be level bases. 6500 lumber pack on a level 350 is nothing. Generate more in 5 min than that.
My thought is to have the prizes be in this format.
Week 1 - Common
Week 2 - Rare
Week 3 - Epic
Week 4 - Legendary
This would give people reason to check in daily to make it to the last week. Otherwise really doesn’t add value as it is right now.
@PGCrisis if you can pass this on the development or strategy or whichever team is in charge of it.


I just don’t understand why prizes don’t increase in value rather than just be semi random. There are points where it’s best to stop claiming the daily checkin so you can start the cycle over. This communicates that you don’t want people to be daily active.