Daily Check In Discussion Thread


Now that we’ve had this for over a month I believe it would be nice if the count continued from last reset (if any check-ins missed or day 0 if not). That is, currently since I haven’t misssed any, today’s check-in would have been something like 34 +/- for me.


As said above. These prizes blow.


Scrap this and go back to the old version at least there was more opportunities to get junk Vs only 1 time a day.


The prizes are not worth checking in each day. They should progressively get better the more times you check in. Instead of starting back at day 1 take away from the end where the best prize should be


I’ve had the stupid thing reset to day one TWICE. Ugh.


Did you miss a day?


I don’t even care if it resets… There’s fundamentally no difference in the rewards level.


Nope. Especially not yesterday.


Mine might’ve also reset at random, but the rewards are so meaningless that I can’t say that I care enough to keep track of reset vs new set of 30 rollover. :rofl:


Black Pearls

Can we get back pearls as rewards from daily check ins at harbor? It only makes sense to be able to. Since it is a ship from the deep that brings it in!
That would be awesome!!!



How many do you need? Will 15 be enough after 30 days?


I was thinking of 30. One per day checked-in.

  • it might be something to keep everyone interest since we don’t get them as much anymore.
    But I’m not sure what the worth is compared to what we are getting like the 200 rubies at day 20


Not sure if anyones mentioned this already but I feel like the daily check in prizes should be better or at least the prizes at the end of each week should be.


Sorry but PG doesn’t give a crap what the players think about the bounty harbor nerf (which is pretty tough because the bouncer harbor already sucked but PG found a way)


Where there’s a will there’s a way, PG will all ways find new and improved ways of screwing it’s players over, and tell you it’s it’s the for the best.

I can’t be arsed with the daily login prizes I don’t think I’ve gone more than 5 days in a row. If the prizes were better I would make it a priority but at the moment nah. Why bother?


I have an idea for bounty harbor check in bonus! How about letting us upgrade it just like other buildings ? I noticed it stays at lvl 1 so if we upgrade it, the prizes goes up too to fit each members levels and need. What do you think??


Monetize player loyalty?

Sounds right up PG’s alley…


At level 65, you will get 25 elemental embers instead of 15…no thanks on leveling it. PG should actually care about their loyal players and give us something worth a crap.


I didn’t say double anything I said let us level our bounty harbor to the current level cap just like the base buildings so yea I’m 65lvl I should get a max lvl for a 65 and lower lvls to their level, higher lvl to their lvl, for instants I can’t upgrade main base like Den, Hut, storage til I hit level 70 so harbor could be the same way as those buildings…I can’t explain it but every player works hard to get to the level their at no matter how long you been here we love the game the same. And I think higher player should get higher amounts to help them at their level… whatever I’m done


Can you or someone from development team that handles Daily Checkin acknowledge or comment that they are looking into the Daily Check In prizes/improving it all together.

Thank you.