Daily Check In Discussion Thread


I don’t know… Mine’s MIA too :pleading_face:


It says right under the picture that the prizes are not final and are subject to change.


True. But they’re probably a decent barometer of what they’ll be, hence a lot of the backlash.

The biggest prize they have shown on there is 400 egg tokens, which is less than 0.25% of my next dragon. And I’m still in garnet!

Even increasing the size of the prizes on there by 20 TIMES wouldn’t exactly be a game-changer. It’d STILL be less than 5% of one dragon, less than 9% of the embers for one level for one flak, etc. Let alone what it’d be for people higher-level than myself.

Even with the disclaimer, it’s a little worrying that may be changing the format without actually improving the rewards.


@Arelyna @PGCrisis

Is the update today actually an appstore update or a behind the scenes server update? Not sure if I should be watching the app store for an update to drop. Either way, would you please post somewhere when it has been released so we know? Thanks.


What level are you? I’d guess fairly low if you think that stuff is “helpful”


It’s on my alt account it’s lvl 35 with the daily check in I was able to get it to that level in a month so it can help help my team with quest


I wanna say what is the hold up on this? Shouldn’t it be available already? Didn’t crisis say it would be readily available today? What’s the delay for? @PGCrisis


Lol level 35 well of COURSE it’s going to help at that level… come on now… what’s your mains level?


I don’t have it on my main account but it’s lvl 53


See there is a small difference between where you are on the curve and where we are.

Your dragons cost 26k tokens, mine cost 275k tokens
Your buildings take 6 days for one level, mine takes 57 days for one level

Now if we both get the same items from bounty harbor and chests, who do you think gets the larger relative benefit here?


Well there you go again Jimmy.

Just confusing things with data.


My Granny, because she doesn’t even know the game, and she has her peace of mind. :blush:


Oh boy these are terrible


I see your point. I have said it before when I level the other account the prizes went up too, cause in the beginning I only got 60 egg tokens but now that I’m at lvl 35 I get higher amounts like 200 egg tokens cause I don’t have elite on that account if I did it would double, I’m waiting to see what my main account gets. I’m just saying it’s nice to see what your gonna get with the check in vs my main account I don’t know what’s coming.


This is currently live. It should be delivered as a server update that will only require a restart. If anyone is experiencing any issues, please create a ticket with our support team.



No. This is…what is this? 30 elemental embers? What am I supposed to do with that?


I don’t know what I’ll do with 3 extra days of speedups each month…


Pretty sure I also got the same thing as your check in bonus


Game breaker :man_facepalming:

Looks like is better to miss day 11 to reset and start again 1-10
Day 29 and 30… really??