Daily Check In Discussion Thread


Where’s Rogue with that gif…


For reference, I am level 340. 15 elemental embers (x2!) isn’t going to do me much good.

Though on day 27 when i get 4 6500 wood packs I’ll be in great shape. I’m sure you are all salivating over those tower boosts too.




Don’t forget the two whole mystic fragments!


There needs to be a zero added to every award… now if you are suggesting that they will continue to go up every day until eternity, so that after 10 months they in fact do have a zero after each prize amount I could accept that without comment.


I got the same thing. This is honestly very poor in the prize department, only marginally better than the original harbor prizes. The point is that it is supposed to get better with each incremental day. 200 egg tokens on day 5 and then 60 on day 14? That makes no sense.

The prizes are 5000 food/lumber packs for me at level 126. That’s even worse than a single chest drop. It’s not helpful past level 50 or so. It is just pennies in a jar with the jar having to get bigger with level so the pennies are worth less and less.


According to the original post they reset every 30 days. Which also makes no sense. But really nothing about this makes sense.


Why on earth in day 29 there is a much worst prize than in day 5 ???
Day 19 a joke compared to day 10
What the ####???


The prizes on every fifth day seem to be extra special, hence the fancier frame


We’re definitely considering a sort of “tiered” prize cycle based on more than just two variations of player level (1-49 and 50+). This is…maybe 10? minutes of the Check In being live. We’re happy to hear any feedback you’ve got now that it’s available, and we’ll be looking into ways to better improve the prize structure come January. :slight_smile:


This is mine! I agree you higher lvl should get more this will help some but you higher levels it won’t do much.


I think after every 10 levels it should should the amounts in the check in bonus


I know, but seriously, the prizes are extremely poor. I think that things like this provide way more hurt than benefit when they are deployed this way. The prizes are orders of magnitude off.


So PG has offered 7,500 sigils, half an end game tier of dragons and a free rider to a single person for them to come back after leaving but for players who stick around they can only offer a few hundred rubies, egg tokens and embers, a few days of timers and other items that essentially have no value? This is your player loyalty program to balance out those offers to people that quit the game?! This is what is supposed to placate the masses while other significant changes are worked on?! I get that this was among the only things that could be pushed out fast in response, but at least do it right and make the prizes matter and scale appropriately. The way this has been done is an insult to the playerbase.


Day 2, 12, 22 6500 food x2
Day 5 and 20 200 tokens
Day 14 and 29 60 tokens
Day 10 and 25 200 rubies

I could go on and on, but pointless. As it seems this is just another way to prove that the gifted horse has rotten teeth.

Thanks anyway, every little helps, if collected for years :joy:

Oh, I’m lv 161 for your reference.


I can’t believe you put tower boosts in there!!! I mean what about putting useful spells like death gaze or invincibility shield… things people actually make in the forge because they NEED them… and not 1-2 either… idk it really seems someone over there is so terrified that if you give us good stuff we won’t spend :see_no_evil:


I do not doubt that you are looking at things and trying to encourage improvement on your end and I imagine January will bring change but I expected something of real value coming out of the gate.

And if your team thinks that a level 51 and 201, never mind 301, will feel rewarded by receiving the same things, let me tell you, they won’t.

Nothing here is even in the realm of bringing a smile to my face, and that is the number one target of offering a daily reward…


One more question:

When checking the Harbour it shows the INFO button… wasn’t that supposed to change to Check In or something?


Exactly. I was rooting for PG to give us something that will make us happy, but trying not to get my hopes up. I am extremely disappointed despite my low expectations.


Others have said variations of this, but I’ll throw my 2 cents out there.

  1. Prizes should increase based on time played, not level. Level should only influes the type of prize you get.

  2. The multiplier should be enough to make a difference assuming you literally started today, the same day as this Daily Check In thing. It should scale like the average player scales (you have kept track of the average progression of still active players, right?).

  3. You have lots of loyal players you’ve figuratively slapped in the face over the last year(s). Give people the multiplier they would have had if they started 1, 2, whatever is fair in months or years ago.

  4. Everyone other game I play you just miss out any day you don’t collect the prize. Why you gotta play with us like this?

  5. Make THIS come up instead of packs we can purchase when we login. If you feel like this costs revenue have claiming the check in pop us over into the store.


Even then day 5 and day 20 are the same. There is no increase in value over time. Why make it 5 days? Why not 7 for the weekly aspect?

  • Definitely needs a tier adjustment. Follow what mechnegg put above at the very least. You quoted it before.
  • Make it more meaningful to the player itself. Base it off what they have built. If they have flaks, add more elemental embers in groups of 100. At minimum 100 per flak built would be a good start for the end of week 1.
  • Or if it is just easier to work in chests and rubies, have it give free chests. Where every 30 days you get a set of 10-15 gold chests for free. (Or replace it with 6k rubies.) That would be something worth logging in every day for 30 days for, especially if you lose your chance when you miss a day.
  • Make the prizes actually get better. Day 10 should not be better than day 19.