Daily Check In Discussion Thread


Right? If I weren’t already logging in, this wouldn’t provide any motivation to login or maintain an alt.


you can remove it. i do not need it.


Get pearls in there please. Pearls are the RAREST currency in game. Thanks.


Not 15 if possible.


:rofl: Yes more than 15.


Will 20 suffice? :wink: just kiddin’


This just goes to show that PG is officially the cheapest company of all time. These are digital goods that cost them nothing to produce. How hard is it to give a remotely useful quantity of items?

Did you seriously think these shit prizes would be well received? The classic double edged PG sword. Release something we have been asking for, but make it completely useless anyway. This kind of stuff is why all your loyal players that have stuck by you for 3+ years are all leaving.


Sigh. I’ll say it again - you need to look at quantity and quality. There shouldn’t be anything on there that 95% of players wouldn’t want. No tower boosts, no dragon boosts, no spells, nothing like that.

And there shouldn’t be anything in there that wouldn’t make a difference for the player, especially in the later rewards. You need to bump those rewards by at least 10X, ideally at least 20X, and even then they won’t be huge. WHY would you make 60 tokens a day 29 reward, when a few thousand wouldn’t be unreasonable?


This makes me want to log in less. Just pathetic.

Not shocked but still shocked. If you know what I mean.


Yeah, and I pretty much get better stuff from the garbage harbor now than from the daily login… egg tokens/pretty much anything > tower HP boost :rofl:


You’re forgetting that you’ll get 15 more every 30 days. So in 3000 days you’ll have 1,500 - just enough to build a new flak


Plus you get 4 times a day now vs just ONCE with this nerf.


Take out: food, wood, dragon and tower boosts…

Keep: rubies, timers, tokens, frags, inners, energy, elemental shards

Add: Black Pearls

Indifferent to: Hammers & Healing potions (many need them)


Hey PG. Announcement.

This game is one where LESS DOES NOT EQUAL MORE :man_facepalming:


Not to mention that they released this today but you can’t even claim the day 1 “prize” yet lmfao. Guess we have to wait till tomorrow for it to be the first we log in…


Unfortunately, if you have already claimed your Bounty Harbor reward for the day, then you will be unable to claim your Check-In reward until tomorrow.

This is not meant to be the player loyalty rewards that @PGJared alluded to in his 2019 Roadmap post. That (or those) will be released at a later time.


That’s great news, however changes are still needed to make these relevant.


Thanks gawd. I didn’t even bother to look at what I got from my bounty harbor claims today but I am sure it was 1,000,000 times better than the crap I will get tomorrow from my daily login bonus.


I swear this is so true.

What will I do without my FIVE shields for use in war tonight? Oh right, use the other 1000+ I have.

I’m not from Missouri (Show me state for folks not in the US) but I’ll have to see that before I believe it.

I’ve said it here before and someone else echoed me. They gave whole tiers of dragons away at and above my level (I’m level 160 in garnet), for simply hitting uninstall along with sigils, a rider and some other “swag” but for continuing to play I can get my defensive shields, tomorrow.

Idk why I let my hopes get up with this game. I appreciate all that the PX team does but man this is seriously a slap in the snout and my baby boy Fomhar doesn’t like being slapped in the snout.


So you’ve replaced a 4 times a day reward with a once a day reward that actually gives less than one of the previous rewards. Thanks! :hugs: