Daily Check In Discussion Thread


Can we have a rough timeline for “later time”?

I won’t even comment on these puny daily prizes. Not worth my time.


I think it’s the lumber packs that are the funniest.

My alt account, at level 143, gets 2 (x2) lumber packs offering a whopping 6000 lumber a pop. My main, being 50 levels higher, gets 6500!

This is going to make all the difference when fort comes around. Level 200, here I come!


I know they have no idea about any kind of value.
I understand log in rewards shouldn’t be big but most of these are barely worth taking the time to click the button lol


Just looked at my daily login bonus. These don’t make me think I best login or it’ll be reset. If anything you got more prizes from the harbour before if you collected on a regular basis. Definitely need looking at and making them worth not missing as at the minute they’re like giving a peanut to a elephant.


so instead of gettin shitty items in harbor within 6hrs now we have to wait 24hrs for same shitty items🤔


:joy: hilarious, why would someone need to login everyday since we can get better rewards from event or forging. Wasted too much time on tiny improvement, fix the glitches to gain more confidence from players. Seriously… need to wait 30 days for miserable x2 12 Hrs timers ???

PG, What about suggestion of exchainging or trade in excess items for more usable items by player’s preference. That will sure make us proud about your work.


Looooool you’re ACTUALLY surprised?

Woke up to this btw :joy::partying_face::star_struck::moneybag:

Thank you PG!

Instead of having 4 times a day a random chance to get disappointing stuff I’ll get it now 1 time plus it’s scaled down.

Again. Thank you PG. That‘s what I need facing soon the 400 wall :partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t like to complain about free stuff, but this does look like a lot of effort was spent on something that doesn’t make any difference at all. The total rewards seem to be pretty much equal to what the bounty harbor already gave, except now you have to log in daily or the rewards get worse.


makes rewards worse :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the motivation to log in? Example?Day 7 and 27…same amount of wood :roll_eyes: Other Stuff also



Thanks! I can build 2 flaks now with this :rofl:


Never tracked the bounty harbor, but at 1k rubies and eggs a month (~33 a day) it feels about equal. Except I guess the bounty harbor didn’t need elite to get those numbers.

The other items seem about equal too, now I get defense shields instead of evasion spells and lumber packs instead of 30k xp potions, all still rubbish. I guess I’ll miss the occasional death gaze and havoc spells.

The next set of 30 better have everything quadrupled, that might make it worth the effort of a click a day.


PG, spend your effort in something more reasonable!

Big announcement in forum, big discussion thread giving with already feedback that we all would expect better rewards and scaling. And still nothing considered in the end.

I would tend to say, give us the 6h random shit back - which was btw already working and not messed up (so why change it?!?!?) - instead of forcing us to login daily for shit, which is not properly scaling or helpful at all (I mean 15 embers, oh sorry 30, is giving me what less than 1/3 of a flak?!?).

What a waste of time… :frowning:


There another game that people here are moving to. And their daily login prize at day 30 is the rough equivalent of getting a legendary piece of gear. I dont want to miss a day and not get that. These I dont care if I miss…


A third of a level ONE flak (almost)


So how soon till the discount packs hit everyone’s accounts have $ set back waiting :slight_smile:


Day 30: 2x12 hours speed ups. I feel valued. You st*pid fks.
Just remove this joke from the game.


At first I was super excited, thought they game 2 days of atlas elite everyday for the whole month… but this doesnt seem to be the case at all…! :worried:


this has probably already been answered but i’m not reading all the way through that…i skim at best. why is day 29 140 less tokens than day 20?


Worthless crap. And now a calendar to remind us how bad the daily awards are. This is what you call responding to us?