Daily egg drops

@PGJared there is a glitch with the daily eggs. If you have you town hall open when you are supposed to receive them (3am EST), they will not be there. I have gotten out of the game and back in with nothing still. Has anyone else noticed this?

I’ve just claimed it…

Disregard, they show up about 15 min after the timer resets.

Couldnt wait 15 minutes? Stop making threads for nothing. The forum is a mess right now lol :sweat_smile:

U can swipe off the app to restart and then the eggs will be there instead of waiting 15mins

Can easily wait 15 min, when I know it takes 15 min. When it happened I think waiting 15 min is a good amount of time. I mean, here’s your eggs, wait they didn’t load? Let me wait a min…5 min goes by, back out and go in, nothing…10 min goes by, back out and go in, nothing…15 min goes by, back out and go in…I guess its messing up. I guess I should wait 24 hrs, you know, when I forget/don’t care enough to comment anymore…

@Reflast I backed out of it and back in a few times, it never loaded up. That’s why I figured it was something with the game.

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