Daily gift branch throughout the whole season

Hello i saw a title about bringing back the dragon branch claiming through 30 days log-in. like Noelle that we got last winter.

This brings me the idea about a branch, that contains 90 prize for each day of the whole season. These prizes will be collectable by logging in everyday. The prizes will more and more valueable towards the end of the branch. If a player can’t login one day, the prizes will be disabled one by one starting from the last prize, just like the daily event missions.

The branch itself may give a good portrait next to a dragon. The increasing value with the order, makes the people to have the attention to login everyday, otherwise they will lose the bests. @PGGalileo


This sounds like a fun way to increase activity for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for tagging me here. And 90 days log in bonuses would really increase activity.
Plus my teammates would also remember to do quests.
Most my team got in quests was 229 so hoping a good change like this would improve that.

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This is a great idea; especially, for new players. If a new player logs in for 90 days they get prizes to help them advance quicker.

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I reeeally would love to see something like this!

But, IF we get a “daily gift” then please don’t make it like the Noelle branch, where we had a 24h “cooldown”. Sometimes we are not able to login everyday at the exact same time, this could have led to losing hours which turn into days (=prizes), over the duration of the Noelle branch.

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Thing is we already have a mechanism for daily login gifts in the form of the bounty harbor. Only problem with it is that the gifts are pretty much all worthless trash. If they filled the bounty harbor with some good stuff instead you’d pretty much have your all season daily branch.


Yes, they could replace it like they did for Noelle. At the end there could be a special season theme related portrait or another “special” prize which really motivates the players to check in daily.

I’m thinking of UVS season, where we got stuff like the crown for Hildr for example - nothing game changing but nice to have and for me personally this would be a super cool activity bonus :grin:

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That’s a bit harsh, I got a 6.5k food pack today which will in no way make a dent to any of the dragons I’m currently feeding

If this is difficult too code or costs additional resources to create an additional portrait or dragon or piece of attire, simply increase what we have now to prizes that matter to players.

For example, perhaps each day could be the equivalent of a legendary gold chest (or maybe even a gold chest). Granted, I may not want another “Insert overly used prize here” but for 20 Inner Fire, most people will make a little more effort.

By giving the log-in prize the equivalency of a gold chest, it helps (new players especially) realize the value in logging in every day. Maybe even a bigger prize at 7 (5 gold?),14 (10 gold), 21(dare I say 15 gold) and the biggest on 30 (platinum chest, maybe)?

The way the prizes are structured now, I can generally get more by flying 1-2 bases on the weekend. If PG’s goal was to give current players a “thank you” for continuing to log in, then it is not successful due to the tier of prizes awarded.

The longevity of the game creates an atmosphere where “thank you” and “apology” rewards need to be something that excites the players, instead of becoming a running joke.