Daily log in bonus

I see PG has added a better daily log in bonus which will slowly be rolled out to players.
Let’s take a look at PGs History.
Atlas has been slowly rolled out to players for the past 18 months and still not everyone has access to it.
Salvage shop has been slowly rolled out to players for the past 15 months and I’m betting only the original players have it and that’s where it stopped.
Now the daily bonus all I can say is don’t hold your breath waiting for it. I guessing it’s just another empty promise created by PG to try and get people to spend their money.


Not sure how spending money has anything to do with a bonus you get just for opening up the game every day :thinking:

But I agree, that their “roll outs” are ridiculous. My hope is that they roll this out first to players who have been playing the longest and not give it to new players

What mine says

Now to see when I get this daily increase

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I think that message has always been there. The first bounty of the day is usually larger than the other bounties throughout the day. I don’t think that is related to the daily log-in bonus

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My little had the salvage shop but has been gone for the last 6 months.

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I got this 2 days ago. I thought it was broken.

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I got 15 tokens :rofl:

The salvage shop was scrapped, under the knowledge it was easy to exploit

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It’s all dependant on how it’s rolled out.

Atlas is rolled out from the top down. This encourages players to spend and pay their way into a higher league and Atlas.

As a first log-in reward I got 2 XP potions. I have boatloads of them, so no idea whether it’s Yay or meh…

Speaking of which: It would be really fantastic if the collection message would specify the gift itself. The monument drops are detailed, then why isn’t this one?

by exploit, you mean PG got the feedback they wanted on what boosts/spells the players don’t want and then increased the drops for those and decreased the drops for the things we want?

Lol, the more likely scenario was that a hacker got a hold of the salvage shop and produced unreasonable amounts of things

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