Daily login glitched

Everytime I click the daily login rewards. It acts as if I recieved it but eventually the game restarts. Saying something about cant sync with server. I’ve tried deleting the client and fresh install. Tried using just wifi or data. Nothing works. Losing out for about a month now. Just wanted this to be known

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Don’t get the daily login like a lot so doesn’t affect me sadly :frowning:

If you are referring to the “Daily Offers”, you’ll need to refer to this thread:


They are apparently on hold.

If that’s not what you’re referring to, then… If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend that you create a ticket so that PG Support Staff can investigate the issue that you’re having. That is certainly the best way to get your needs addressed.

Good Luck!

I thought it is regarding this kind of daily login.

Submit a ticket, wait for the auto-response, ignore that and send your ticket# to Arelyna or Crisis.

I don’t get daily log ins, so I can’t help more than that :expressionless:

I sent a ticket. It seemed like an actual person was trying to help me. But still having the same problem

I can’t wait until we all get to deal with this glitch :joy:

Its been happening for over a month. I wasn’t really paying attention to why it was happening at first. And I wasn’t playing as often then.
They had me
delete game cache
sign out of my account
Turn on airplane mode for 15 minutes
Sign back in
Not try to collect for 24 hours
And none of that worked for me

I finally installed it on my iPad pro and can collect from Bounty Harbor. But only on the ipad. Which I’ll say it is not optimal playing on. My Galaxy S9+ you can see a lot more. The sides are cut on the ipad.

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