Daily login reward

I would like to propose a daily login system it would go like this

  • you would log on every day and day by day the rewards would get better
    So day 1 it would be something small like a bronze chest or 5 healing potions and then by day 7 the prize would be something good like 1 gold chest or some elemental embers or tokens
    It would go in like this until the end of the month and at the end of the month it could be something good like 10 goldchest , or 5k tokens or something like that .

This is my first time making a post on the forum hope I did it correct.


You mean something like, oh I dunno, Bounty Harbor?

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Yeah but better rewards

I think we already have it, but could defiantly be improved. We have the team daily token payout which is okay? and we also have the harbor every 6 hours which is pointless cuz it doesn’t give anything… You could play for a year and if you get 1000 tokens overall out of it, consider yourself lucky.

I think he means something similar to what Stormfall has where if you login every day the rewards improve with your login record. Like 10 days straight gets you a bronze chest 20 day’s a silver, login for a month and get a gold chest.

That wouldn’t be hard at all for those of us who are War Dragons Addicts lol


The reward for logging in daily is managed by the Team Ranking System.

Higher ranked teams get better daily rewards and players who fail to log in daily (checking for War at a minimum), get dropped from the higher ranked teams.

I think this refers to “daily login prize.” So every day for a month, for example, you get a prize. As you get farther in the line (consecutive days logged in), u get better prizes…

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I like the idea of the prize increasing by number of consecutive days. More incentive for some of the less active players to be more active. And that helps everyone.

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I like it

If you aren’t logging in once a day you are potentially causing your team to lose wars. Useless.

This would get some of my teammates to stop costing us wars. Useful :+1:

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