Daily multipliers on poachers


It seems that the new daily multipliers work on the poacher gold, but not on the poacher craft materials.
My first 4 poacher hits gave ~1500, 1300, 1100, 900, but they were across different regions so I can’t be sure if that is the normal decay rate… however, attack number 5 the materials were down to 90. The gold was still high, getting the slowly decaying daily multipliers, but the materials got the old 4X.


@Doc In 3.70, multipliers are on resources rather than on mines/poachers. This means gold has daily multipliers, and crafting materials different daily multipliers.

Poacher crafting materials get 4 daily multipliers each day – same number as before. The multipliers are lower BUT the base payouts are higher so it’s a wash for daily crafting material loot if you do four or fewer poacher runs a day. If you do more poachers run, you’ll get more mats than before since the base payout is higher.

The daily gold multipliers increased from 4 per day to 20 per day (!). This, combined with other changes to troop training times [reduced] and base gold payouts, provides an avenue for players who want to grind to gain a significant advantage and much more strongly compete in Atlas.


Oh! Ok. Thanks. I thought the 20x was for both. My mistake :grimacing:


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