Damage Boost Rune on Perch Dragon?

I got a Mythic Warrior Damage Rune and I’m not really a fan of Warriors. Figured I would be holding onto this Rune for a couple years or whatever until I get Destar.

I am getting Mehaten soon so I think I will probably be getting the defensive rider gear to perch Mehaten with.

So my question is…is there any benefit to putting that Warrior Dmg Rune on a perch dragon?

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s out there.

Hmm interesting question. Not sure if perch damage output is impacted by dragon’s AP.

In any case, it would more likely than not be wasted on a perch dragon even if it has a positive impact, as the perch damage output is so low. I’d wait for a bigger drag that you’d actually fly to put it on.

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No benefit to put runes on perch drags



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