Damage Dicrease


Hi guys someone Experiencing this too my attack power was 168k but when i was going g to attack all of my dragon dicrease damage g and my new attack power was 95k IKKumma 68k damage to 38k and all of them got some dicrease what should i do this

Did you previously have a 30/30 boost on your dragon and run out/take it off? did you switch riders? gear? put different runes on?


It seems like you ran out of dragon boosts. Try making sure you have them equipped :slight_smile:


Im out of attack damage boost

That changes it then. As it adds 30/30 attack and HP to the dragons. So that’s where the power fell off. It will go back up whenever you get more boosts.

Hmm But I was confused coz I didnt use some of my dragon didnt use boost but they affected

The difference you’re seeing is probably because you’re comparing to what they were in the event - those boosts were only in the event, they don’t affect anything else ingame


yes ,u may have gotten atk increase in event :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:
and ran out of boosts :sob:

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