Damage Resistance changes for meeting new tower designs

Damage resist on dragons has been for a specific tower type, not damage type. That has been relevant in that there was only one tower that did a certain type of damage.

Now PG is adding towers with the same type of damage as existing towers such as the newly announced Electro Flak that does lightning damage which is the same type of damage Lightning Towers do.

With that and the other redundancies it would make sense that a dragon would have lightning resist or fire resist, not just to a specific tower that happens to do lightning damage.


Lightning damage just means elemental, but the supershot is a projectile

Of course

So, Elemental Mayhem will work on these? :stuck_out_tongue:

You ever used that? I never have :joy:

Most solid bases are to balanced to consider it.

But you did bring up a great point earlier that the damage is still elemental lightning.

It does not make much sense that a dragon can have lightning resist some of the time.

Spoiler alert, it won’t :sob:

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