Danav 2.0: Changes and Release Date

Hello Dragon Lords, we’re happy to announce that we sent Danav to Summer school (even though we let him walk at graduation) to finish learning how to be the dragon he was always meant to be. We tested the dragon internally and with a little help from our good friends at the GPF, and he’s ready to go.

Danav’s changes will go into effect during the first week of the season (next week, Weds) – so you will need to decide if you want to acquire him now, because you won’t be able to later.

On a typical attack, Danav had to destroy a Storm/Earth Flak Tower, a Red Mage Tower, and Blue Mage Tower in order to gain access to its healing + rage mechanic. Danav both lacked the damage and survivability to consistently achieve this, so our buff testing was focused on alleviating this issue

Danav 2.0

  • Blade Storm
    • Spell duration increased to 4 seconds (up from 3).
    • Note: this also increases the spells total damage output, since the spell deals 6% of the dragon’s modified HP per second.
  • Destroyer’s Wrath
    • Bonus breath damage increased to 300% (was 250%).
  • Delight in Destruction
    • Spell Color changed to white (was originally blue).

Danav now kills towers faster and dodges attacks (most importantly supershots) for longer, so Danav can more consistently kill the towers it needs to in order to unlock its spell kit. With all of that in mind, we felt that it wasn’t befitting a mythic to need to fight through two different mage towers in order to enable the dragon’s full spell kit, so changing Delight in Destruction’s spell color means the dragon has to jump through less hoops to start healing and restoring rage.

What do you think about the upcoming Danav buffs?

  • I’m excited for Danav 2: The Danavening (positive)
  • Does Danav have my socks? (neutral)
  • Danever gonna get it (negative)

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it was originally blue @PGGalileo

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It’s coward in fear that’s red

Oof, too bad it wasn’t Cower in Fear that became a white spell

Still feel like a meh change
Can you be so kind to make some more vid after the update is live to test more about danav viability


That would have made him potentially OP. Lol. I think these are good changes. Fingers crossed.

To those that, have danav… Think this is a game changer? Or is naja still better? I’m thinking naja would be stronger against defenders

Would love to see a PG video of him flying with the changes active…


Naja has the kill shot. With danav no guarantee. The 300% breath helps but depends on how fast defenders span hammers. I think the blade storm and destroyers breath should work well together, so fingers crossed. But can’t test before season ends.

The three white spells working in tandem should make him viable. But that’s my opinion. Feel like if you like faf, danav should be close in terms of similar spells and how they work.

What should I get I’m at obsidian this is my first mythic can youll suggest me which one to go for please

some update that can only be tested next season, so we dont know till then how it works? I might take the safe route and get Naja, he has proven to be of value…

The Blade Storm is still less time than Faf’nyr’s Shining Splendor…so I am not sure how good it will be

Thanks @PGGalileo for the update

Think this will make him better.

I hope this buff will be enough to kill a storm/earth flak. Also with a defender(s):crossed_fingers:

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That’s my concern… If defenders will just be too much for danav

I wish the buffs went live today or tomorrow so we can test it. A lot of people saved keys in case he got buffed but cant see it until next season. May be a naja by default choice now.



Why have the changes only after the season is over?

How are people supposed to make an informed choice about Danav versus Naja?

Sorry I think I’m missing something :pensive:


You’re not missing anything, you’ll have to look at the info here and what people are saying about Naja and make an incomplete choice. You will not be 100% informed, unfortunately.


sorry, but you are not answering his quenstion. why next season?

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