Danav isn't as bad as the public says, to me, why do you think so?

Like some people, I chose danav over naja as a mythic, a few seasons ago. He was instantly put down as an instant perch dragon. He’s still my best dragon and is very good in my eyes(post buff). Why do you think he’s so terrible? His spells accommodate most problems that arise from attacking. Such as, being able to refill rage, earn some health back, dodge and damage all towers periodically based on % of HP, 300% breath damage spell, and a short duration red freeze spell with no cooldown and damages all towers based on a percentage of HP. All other spells are white. What about that made him and instant perma perch mythic, and in the category of one of the worst mythics out there?

He wasn’t buffed until after lotusbloom and in that time he was not a viable mythic. Post buff sure, he was plenty strong. He just had a impression of being bad for as long as you were even able to claim him which threw a lot of people off.
And most warriors are perch dragons anyways lol

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I still see people on random forum posts bring him up with the worst mythics ever alot. I still don’t want naja. Even after like a year. But that’s your only reason? “Warriors suck, chunk, etc, etc”

I think all warriors suffer from a design flaw due to the fact that what we are attacking has not changed if pg were to improve the layouts it would make the warrior and sorcerer classes viable again!
And because the improved layouts would support expansion and allow for design room within those classes you might see more high skill warrior and sorcerer designs!
But currently with our stagnant layouts warriors and sorcerers can’t be expanded upon and so they are neutered out the gate to allow our layouts to remain stagnant but viable :man_shrugging:

What we are attacking is as important as what we are attacking with!

Basically our layouts are as important as our dragons but one has not moved forward with the meta!
This pretty much makes warrior and sorcerer design highly unbalanced and you end up with surt or gig :man_shrugging: Not saying they were bad designs quite the opposite!
It’s the layouts surt and gig were forced to attack that could not handle them!

Seems theres simply no room left for designing them with our current layouts.
Try flying dungeons style layout with a hunter going against a 6-8 tower island suddenly you want a warrior :rofl:

Dragon tier - tower levels
These correlate and have kept pace with each other.

Dragon spell sets - tower designs
These correlate and have kept pace with each other.

Dragon class - layouts
These correlate but they have not been kept balanced :man_shrugging:

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I still see naja flying around but haven’t seen a single danav pass my base anymore
The last time danav hit me and win defended is when my tower is 77 and hit by @Flash I believe when the dragon is at the lv when it should work against 82~

Yep nerfed out the gate :man_shrugging: Unbalanced at lower levels and higher levels almost like it’s hard to design one :rofl: wonder why !?

I still fly dungeon with a hunter lol
No gear or rune cause the one i use is kullecid

Is that layout designed by say a dread player who’s expertise is layouts? Nope it was designed by pg :rofl: try flying a diamond players layout that is similar to a dungeon and tell me how well that hunter does!
So yes I can fly dungeons with a hunter as well but I’m not talking about a piss poor pg designed dungeon lol
Make a improved layout for sapphire and another for diamond give us more towers per island and I’d bet my kingdom that hunters suddenly wouldn’t rule the sky’s anymore lol

I’m obviously not end gamer here, haha danav is an Eldritch tier. I’ve seen a couple players with danav in their top 3 still. Maybe 1!:smiley:. I guess it’s true that layouts haven’t changed much. But then again, what are we going to change with what we already have? There is only 5 spots on an island after all…

Make it 6 for sapphire and 7 for d2 and 8 for d1 it would require pg to determine how to implement it :man_shrugging:And yes it would require a new layout as we move up tiers and suddenly sandbagging by teams is a whole lot less attractive when you have to give up tower slots lol

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My tower is still around one that eldrich dragon can kill

Would that make dragon design for diamond and sapphire team layout over power compare to layout of plat team


That is partially why he wants it like this. It makes sandbaggers suffer lol. It also makes smaller teams suffer, but not the point

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Well if the map used positional attacking it would not impact smaller players down in platinum because they wouldn’t be hitting that high until they to had those layouts themselves and bigger players in sapphire or diamond sure aren’t attacking when it moves them into a less desirable position to attack from :man_shrugging:

So if we were using a true open map with no castles and all players bases on the map and rank is determined by your teams cluster and it’s positioning on the map!

You could then improve layouts without worry of players attacking down!
And by using map based ranking and improving layouts it would offer us a way to solve almost all our issues from mega alliances to sandbagging to overall lag on the map!
Simply by making the above changes pg could use easily use improving layouts to drive escalation on the map and improving layouts I believe will also allow more room for dragon design in the warrior& sorcerer classes and provide a way to make those classes have meaning again :man_shrugging:

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Because Danav :clown_face:

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