Danav new mythic warrior dragon

Who have him ?
What u think about ?
I have him and never saw a warrior drag useless … how can an mythic and expensive dragon be soo weak ?

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Moonfang 2.0??

Best perch dragon?


Actually Danav just need +1 or +2 seconds to shield’s duration and will be stronk enough but still balanced.

I don’t spend thousand $$$ like those days to quickly get mystic even last one I missed with half key left which I dont fancy. at all.
I learn my lesson even to get the strong dragon only last for one season unless you keep on spending everyday once you login hahaha then make lots differences in the game play.
Welcome Moon Fang 3.)


Danav is actually one of the worst mytic warrior ever created by PG. This dragon is totally trash. Takes one Earth and red mages to kill him before he even is able to kill earth+red in those 3 seconds he got. You can add 2 billion of HP to this dragon it wont change, an warrior without having any resist has only one place to be. Thats a Perch.


This dragon has no rage, so he can’t use his skills anyway. At least, Danab’s red skill should be changed to white.

ya I thought about going for Danav but after watching some videos that’s a big no. If he was Ice I would get him just for perch. Otherwise, unless he gets buffed, I will pass.

Danav can change the red skill to white skill.

Naja has ammunition reloading skills.
Must be added.
(Currently, white skills should be grafted and skills must be modified)

I think these are the biggest options.

If the skill is not modified
If it is this way, everything is garbage, and it is only for gold mining or perch.
(If you don’t have the expected price / performance ratio in this way,
“Users will lose interest and will not spend, listen to users PG”)


Only reason I’d want him is for my perch. It’s a shame they didnt bring him out last season, then I could have gotten him since I didnt care for either mythic. As is, I’ll probably just replace Girasol with Chel since it doesnt look like Assault is ever coming back

Where did PG get this idea that warriors and sorcerers dont need resists anymore? Especially when their only defensive spell has an extremely long cooldown.


Good question :thinking:

IS PG gonna buff this dragon anytime soon :thinking:

@PGJared could you look this up please?
Danav is a serious problem mythic warrior… too weak to be considered mythic
Thank you :pray:


Actually Danav just need +1 / +2 second/s to shield’s duration. Problem fixed.

Naja insted is well balanced. Im in hunter chat and She is quite strong but require good timing and skill.
Naja is a slow dragon but still a solid Invoker.

Actually i would not even call him legendary, at best epic Warrior. Common Pg, an warrior usual cant kill towers fast, thats why normal ones have/had elemental resists to make him have a chance to survive. Thats what warriors are supposed to be, a tank that dont die 5 seconds after face an isle like this one. Also his cooldowns are way too long to have any chance of surviving. @PGLawson @PGEggToken @PGNines


If Destroyers wrath included a shield like Gig has or his red spell was changed to white Danav might be a usable dragon.

Super disappointing dragon as he sits now.


Nah, just need more shield’s duration. That’s all.

Shield duration?? Danav doesn’t have a shield.

He meant the flash spell “blade Storm “


So the vast majority of people who aren’t at end game don’t get a say? There are significantly more people at lower levels than at max. And even if they aren’t the highest levels, people can still have good judgment on dragons.

That’s kinda tough. People are free to post their views here even if they disagree with you.

And once again there are significantly more players at the lower end than at the higher. And you absolutely can still get good gauges on strength at lower levels. That and I know plenty of maxed bases who wouldn’t know a strong dragon if it bit them