Danger please don't purchase

So there is this Website and have an instagram account that follows other players luring them to purchase the pack of whatever they are selling.


Look how obnoxious the packs they are selling
link removed by Red

Was wondering if anything can be done?
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BTW love the live on twitch and facebook of the following Spring season :smile: :revolving_hearts:

These are hacker packs. I’d private message one of the staff and let them know. Send them the link and they will get it sorted. It’s probably worth deleting the link just in case someone tries it out.

Now those are packs worth the money! Hahaha PG if you do half of those prizes for same price I may become a mid spender :joy::joy::joy:

PG needs better security. Hope it’s in their goals for this year. :face_with_monocle:

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Do NOT under any circumstances buy those products. The method he uses to mod the accounts is based on an old cheat of me that was made for version 3.70 of War Dragons. Anybody using this cheat is at high risk of getting banned. I already sent a Support Ticket to PG months ago including all info about the iAP purchases cheat, but it seems aside from the big banwave the exploit was not completely patched from PG’s side.

The cheat multiplies items from the Forge x200 as well as Value Packs. Again, I highly recommend you stay away from this website because you’re very likely to get your account banned. Since he only stole the cheat and used it to make profit off it, he also does not know how to update anything in the cheat or how it exactly works.

You also need a client sided anti-cheat to prevent such cheats in first place


We are aware of the site and are already taking action. Thank you for flagging again though.

If people further find cheats or exploits, please PM them rather than post them directly on the forum.

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I think they should be posted on the forums, especially bad sites like the one mentioned here.

I get you don’t want such information to get out, but let’s be honest, if its mentioned here, its probably already known to plenty of people already, and has been for a while.

At least openly discussing it allows the fair player base to look for suspicious behavior, who then in turn, can report it.

The last thing you want is a dark internet for WD - you guys will never fix the cheating if it goes underground.

You mean having your server trust everything the client sends is a bad idea??? Who knew…

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Sometimes I dont think they will really fix it when it isnt underground…I mean not 100% I get but better security is always a good thing.

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