DaReignOfFire (Gold 2) needs you!

Hello there,

I am an Officer from DaReignOfFire. Our team is currently in Gold II and plan to ascend to Platinum by the end of the year, but to do that we need to replace our inactive or freeloading members (up to 5)

What you need to know about us:
Our team is like a digital family,

  • supportive: resources, wars, XP runs
  • informative: regular team communication, help with fast development
  • MULTILINGUAL: English is the main/common language, while we have French, German and Hungarian speaking officers
  • organized: regular wars, evaluation of members, team work.
  • very active leadership
  • never alone: as our members are from all over the world there is always someone to assist you, even level 100 players

What we need from you:

  • be active in game: participate in WARS and contribute in EVENTS
  • speak to us. Our team is a nice bunch of grown-ups and some teenagers, too, so we can talk about anything. Any ideas that can improve our team’s performance is welcome. Same applies if you have any problems. Our priority is to have fun and progress at the same time.
  • Be at least on level 45. (lower levels up for discussion)

Feel free to message me (PrideDemon86 - GE, HU) or my fellow officers!
Brunocriminels - French
IvyMaire - German & French

Interested send invite

What is your IGN?

I adjusted the detailed. Recruitment still active. Min. level:45

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