Dark and Fire dungeon drop rates

I’ve done some number crunching on the new dungeon rewards. I’ll go into details below but the TL;DR is:

  • Dungeon 17 is the most effective in rewards per key (20 is the best in rewards per hour of flying)
  • The fire dungeon rewards are slightly better than gold chest drops, ruby for ruby
  • The dark dungeon pearl drops are way higher than any other source

The fire dungeon is only interesting to grind with rubies if you have a lot of spare time, but it does give better drops than gold chests for timers and embers. Both are about matching gold chests at level 6 and 9, and are better than gold at level 8 and 10+, with level 17 giving the best rates. At level 17, the dungeon drops 44% more timers and 43% more embers per ruby than gold chests in fort, which makes them better per ruby in my opinion, despite the loss of sigils and tokens. But of course gold chests don’t cost time.

The dark dungeon is excellent for anyone who wants pearls. Pearl drops are more than 500% higher than gold chests at level 1, and just go up from there. Again level 17 is optimal, and it gives over 2500% more pearls than golds. So as pearls per ruby go, there is nothing that comes close.
Timers are the same as the fire dungeon, and of course there are no embers or sigils. If you need pearls and are willing to spend rubies for them, this is the place to do it. If you don’t need pearls, this one isn’t very interesting.

And of course, for anyone without atlas, the shards are very nice to have as well. As you would expect, the fire dungeon drops shards needed for fire gear, while the dark dungeon drops shards needed for dark gear.

Below is the full sheet with drop rates per run and per 400 rubies:

It’s pretty late at night writing this, so let me know if you find any mistakes. Happy dungeon farming everyone!


This is awesome! Thank you :grin:

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