Dark Flak Frenzy

On my Tower of learning I have a “Legendary Dark Flak Frenzy” Rune Equipped. I also have a “Legendary Dark Flak Frenzy Glyph” available.Their stats are:

Increase Dark Flak Attack Speed+2.8%
Red Mage Super Shot Damage +13%

If I already have the rune equipped, will the stats from the glyph be added to these stats, or just be a waste?

Anything equippable is stacked I think…

So I would be getting an increased dark flak attak speed of +5.6% if I equip both of them?


This is correct.

Thank you!

I heard that identical runes don’t stack. That is Legendary DF Rune would stack with a Legendary DF Glyph, or with a Mythic DF Rune. But it wouldn’t stack with another Legendary DF Rune.

However I am not 100% positive that is true. I believe it was discussed in the old forums, but I don’t have a link.

You won’t be able to equip it if it has the same primary and secondary, it is the same type (rune/glyph) and is the same rarity. Therefore, if you CAN equip it, it will stack.

So these stack bc they have different secondaries.

Taken from here: Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


So in the case of the screen shot you provided above, the primary ability would still stack?


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Cant feel 5% increase atkspeed tho :face_vomiting:

Even 10ish

Stack em then :upside_down_face:

I always say that the majority of runes rarely make any difference and they just help to enhance a good base setup a bit .

If you stack stuff high enough, sure it can do a bit of damage especially with supershot damage increases, but it does force you to use SSs on certain towers to get the benefit

I know :upside_down_face:.

Legendary Storm Striker??? :astonished:

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Temporary, dont have any other runes to put atm. Im stacking fireflak now :stuck_out_tongue: for next island. Its funny it says +25% damage to SS :eyes:. The shields reflects damage because of this rune :eyes:

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