Dark Flak Invisible

What the hell is going on? Is this how you balanced the dark flak by making it invisible? I would take a screenshot but how do you take a screen shot of an invisible tower? I’m so exhausted. This is ridiculous. @PGPulse please fix

I had same issue on my own base yesterday),but with ice flak.
I started upgrading it,and it disappeared.
So I can’t use speedups to finish upgrading :rofl:
Fixed somehow by itself
But more annoying,when you are flying and Holy Spirit shooting your dragon :speak_no_evil:


Yeah my poor dragon was stunned without a warning or glance. I’m like “wth” :confused: On a bright side it breezed right by the first one even though there were a few shots because they are so weak :joy::joy: Funny but not funny

Invisible towers would be a awesome/terrible addition to the game. Awesome on my base and terrible when I have them used against me :joy:

Is this because of the upgrade?

Well, that’s spooky lol. Yeah, if it hasn’t happened before, I’m assuming it’s caused by the new 4.0 update.

Thank you for the heads up and the screenshot! Just to ask the usual question, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? In some cases, it could be the asset didn’t fully download. I just want to eliminate that possibility before I send this over the engineers.

When you say “asset” do you mean my asset or the other players? Looks like @Aerysxbane has something a little different. For him you can see the border for me while attacking I saw nothing, literally.

More at @Aerysxbane, but sometimes, it can happen when attacking. For example, my Fire Flak tower for a while had a black box underneath it when attacking or in my base.

No,there was empty spot,without anything

Yes what @wingless said. It was literally blank no shadow or black square.

Thank you for adding these comments! I’ve flagged it to the engineers already.

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A lot of my members have been having this issue. One sent it in our line chat, a quite hilarious issue.


Was it all the way invisible or a shadow? :joy::joy::joy: just 2 days ago my ember would have dropped and he just kept going.

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All it was was the purple “bottom piece” of the flak for my member lol


I’ve been fighting invisible towers for years, sneaky buggers kill you and take no damage. I do love it when PG ask for videos though, …

Don’t fix it, just delay , delay, delay

I know I sat there thinking :thinking: like how do I send you a video of a invisible flak :woman_shrugging:

That was on my own base. During attacks there was no outline, just the dark splotch on the snow

Thank you all for letting me know! As I said earlier, I already put this on the radar of the devs. As soon as I’ve got an update, I will pass the information on.

Here you go

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