Dark Flak Rune Unobtainable? 😕

For the longest time, I have had the desire to get a good legendary or mythic, or, now that they’ve been released for a few weeks, exotic, dark flak rune. The problem is that they are not in silver chests, and there is no specified proof that they will make a future appearance in the runic chests (which I will not be going for due to purposes regarding getting a seasonal mythic soon). I did not go for the exotic dark flak rune (would’ve went for HP rune), simply because I didn’t get a heads-up from PG, and had other divines to complete. Where, other than chests, can I obtain a dark flak rune? :thinking:

Silver chests. Learn to use @OrcaFrost chest drop predictor so you can know when you are close to one

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Unfortunately, it’s not in the rotation atm.
Hoping for PG to improve silver chests.


Ah, I thought we were talking about a mythic. Misunderstood

Yep, I meant mythic DF.

For now, the list is either

  • Rage, 2 S Attack, 2 H attack, 2 W attack
  • Rage, S HP, H HP, W HP, IF HP, Lightning & FF attack.

Not even in the last Super Runic

Interesting, guess it shows how long since I’ve opened silvers :rofl:

What are silvers? :upside_down_face:

I didn’t go for the exotic branch personally, because rune dust wasn’t so pressing a matter and I was already saving for this season or the next.


I don’t think there are dark flak runes in silver chests. Only fire flak ones I think :man_shrugging:t4:

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