Dark flak Stun effect when flying Necryx

Let me start by saying im not complaining or calling for a fix. I’m posting this as asked as it is not currently believed to be related to the elemental towers over 35 issue.

Starting with 3.90 (possibly when the tower damage was reverted, and possibly when 3.90 was deploy) I started noticing that when a supershot dark flak hits necryx while flying, he is unable to deploy any hunter fire for a noticibly extended period of time.

To be clear, I’m not sure this isn’t better, as stun seemed underpowered. I’m also not sure it is only necryx, its just the only dragon I could definitely say it happens with.

It may be that elemental barrier previously avoided stun, and now does not.

It could be that the tower changes have impacted this. Just reporting this unexpected behavior.

Prior to 3.90 the sun was either so short I barely noticed, or not happening at alll. (While elemental barrier is on of corse).

I have adjusted my tower killing and sanding priority to compensate for this.

I can’t remember any differences between pre and post 3.90 patch but I think it makes sense that it can atleast stun you if it can’t hurt you while the barrier is up.
I see no problem here.

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It’s not operating the same. Not a problem except
If unexpected changes happen that’s generally not a good thing. It could be an indicator of a more serious issue or a key piece of info for an issue they are currently working on.

I’ve wanted poison and stun to be worthwhile for a long time. I just want it to be on purpose.

I believe status effects and damage barriers are mutually exclusive, meaning that the two things operate independently from each other. Damage shields and barriers only affect the damage portion of an attack and the status effect is not blocked. However, part of our initiatives on tower rebalancing (and really, just bugfixing overall) is the try and make these things more consistent across the board.


Stunning through barrier doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me logically but is probably good for it to do so from a gameplay standpoint. The thing is though, the stun is now longer for some reason. More than the screen shake indicates. If this is intentional there should be a way to visually determine whether a dragon is stunned or not. Especially since we’re talking about a hunter with sand here

Understood. I work in IT, I believe coincidences are rarely coincidences.

I’m just reporting a very obvious and reproducible behavior change, (it sounds like you guys weren’t expecting it) which also happened at roughly the same time other unexpected changes happened.

If further evidence or recording is useful, I’d be happy to do my part. Unfortunately I don’t have any recordings of before, but I’m certain it did not happen before the update.

If it was done on purpose you guys deserve a round of applause, because stun has never has a meaningful effect on me like it does now (which still
Hasn’t caused my dragon to go down, but it was significant enough that it could be useful to protect resource plots now)

I recorded a video to show this. On the water shrine island you will see it hit me with elemental barrier on causing no damage but stunning me. Then you will see it hit me again without barrier causing damage and keeping me stunned.

I was tapping away but Necryx was really dizzy from those hits, lol…

Just wanted to show this happening. If it is ment to be that long and strong of a stun, no worries. Just adapt and roll on, or fly on…


You do get chain stunned quite a bit, though. What if you only get stunned once? Ele Barrier also just converts damage vs Invulnerability Shield.

I don’t think there has been any change? This has been happening to Nex since I can remember.

I could be wrong but Atleast for awhile (months) he has always been stunned by the Flaks even with Elemental barrier active. Yeah it doesn’t do any damage to him but still stuns him for about 1-2 secs. I guess it could have not been the same in the beginning and I just didn’t notice.

Just like with Mage supershots tbey don’t do any damage but they continue stealing rage.

The spell says Absorbs damage turns a portion of that into health it cannot stop everything about Elemental towers just the damage.

I like it this way because that’s already a very powerful spell as it is. I love Necryx but yeah I think it should remain the way it is.

I’m not saying it should block it, I posted the video to show the stun is longer. I agree elemental barrier has never blocked but I do believe the stun is stronger, longer than before. I have also noticed on a few higher bases that have a tribusha that it’s more now than it has been in the past.

Could just be my imagination, who knows. Kinda like the fire turrets doing more damage.

I don’t complain, I just adapt and move on. Just noticed it, knew this thread was here so I recorded it and shared.

Take Care

Agreed. Definitely longer stun.

I reported it because it appears unexpected. If they figure out it was an unexpected change, PG should consider keeping it. (Or similar)

That video looks like you may have gotten stunned more then once lol

I did, stated this in my original post, let it hit me with elemental barrier and then again right after it finished. It was a double doozey… :grin:

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