Dark Flak Tower Balance

Hey folks,

Since the 3.90 tower balance changes we’ve been taking a hard look at some of the towers and the dramatic impact they’re having on the game. One of these towers, which I’d like to discuss here, is the Dark Flak Tower. Currently the dark flak tower has outstanding basic damage, supershot damage, and a long stun in addition to its default flak property. This combination of stats and abilities, if the damage cap was removed, will heavily imbalance the game and needs to be addressed.

Before we go turning dials and pulling levers we’d like to give players an opportunity to provide what they think the main focus of the dark flak should be. Please understand that this isn’t a poll or a popularity contest. This is a feedback-gathering round before we sit down with our designers and tackle this.

A) General balanced damage / stun output, with the flak property.
B) Lowered normals and shorter stun, with powerful supershot damage.
C) Lowered normal and supershot damage, with a long stun duration.

Note that we’re not providing exact numbers, just general themes. Please provide your feedback in the comments below! Our team will be discussing feedback later this week.

I would say C given that flak supers currently generally kill dragons in 2 shots. Reducing that and making stun longer will make flaks perform a slightly different role from current and make defenders think more about what towers to surround the flak with.

I think B would be best

This is probably a dumb question but what does “flak property” refer to?

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I would like A please! Balance in all things. I personally hate the long stun. Warriors have a tough enough time as it is to get damage out and the Long stun nerf’s it even more.



The role of the flak as it stands right now is to stay intact until the dragon is near enough to be hit a couple of times, and essentially dies immediately. A longer stun makes it more strategic, and would give a slight buff to the underused Fire Flak.

It can also give a bit more variety in bases, as you rarely see a kill island without a dark flak in the front row. For this to happen I would also extend the range a bit, but not anywhere near the range of any other towers; just enough so that it can survive without being protected by an entire island to get off one or two shots of stun.

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I agrée with Lutrus for A


I would choose “A” as well. When I see balanced to me it means more versatility and effectiveness

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A would be the best option. The flak is fine as it is but balancing would be better. No need to nerf a great tower


A) Seems to be balancing the attack so it would actually incrase after level 41. Jared, can you confirm what a level 60 flak attack power would be in relation to now? I need to know the answer to this.

B) This is basically what they are now. This takes flying to avoid and if you’re blindsided by the flak supershot or aren’t planning, you are SOL. I rather like this.

C) This seems dumb and will make this no better than a standard treb plus a higher cost.


Seriously… A (if i had to pick) but rather stop trying to nerf things people spent months investing in. That’s timers rubies and layout based on something and it’s not like you are giving me all the timers, rubies to move runes, and lumber and shards to adjust my base after you change everything. You already stopped the power from what it should be because it was too much so instead we have towers that don’t really do what’s advertised. So… Seriously stop messing things up unless you want to compensate everyone to pick a different tower of choice once you made the flaks useless


A 10 characters

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The DarkFlak should feel like a shotgun, high damage, low range, and slow attack speed; basically it should feel like you’ve had the wind knocked out of you and have to take a moment to get your composure back. Right now it’s ruling the day because it hits hard, and fast, but with its only vulnerability being its range, people just smack it right up front or on a short stop to force you to deal with it and take the punishment. The DF should feel like punishment, but not like the aftermath of picking up a bar of soap in prison. Plus if taken in conjunction with the suggestion i made for FF then the two towers would compliment each other beautifully. Each tower needs to have its own unique identity and purpose. In summary, High Damage, low range, low attack speed, decent stun duration.


In regard to B, i feel that after latest update flak stun duration has been longer than before. I am not sure if it was intended or supposed to be the actual stun duration but it is not short for sure.

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Since the last update, the stun is more evident than before the update. And whatever PG says about reverting everything as it was before the update, the stun was not. From my experience with this kind of tower, it is great as it is ! I like the stun he puts out now, finally, we have what was promised. As for the power, well, please don’t make it a useless trebuchet ! I’d say that none of the options presented are what I’d expect from it. The Flack tower SHOULD be powerful, thus the cost. If not, why should we get one ?
Whatever change you do for Fire turrets, the attack on Dark Flaks should follow the same ratio as it was presented when they first entered the game: shorter range but 1.5 more powerful than the Fire turrets.

P.S. http://wardragons.pocketgems.com/forum/main-forum/120013-new-tower-dark-flak-cannons-backbreeds-for-sapphire-mythics


Not sure what flak property means but i would go with A, so that scaling can be done right from level 1 to highest level while still keeping the Damage highest.
And It should be strongest offensive defense by far as it is right now.

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To be quite honest I would like to see options A, B, and C implemented. If the Dark Flak, Fire Flak, and Fire Turret each just had devastating super shots the strategy of racing to disable these towers before your dragon dies would get very boring very fast. Give one A, one B, and one C and let it ride. Maybe save a new DOT property for the Ice Flak. Variety is the spice of life after all.

The Flak property is, I suppose, the fact that you can’t revert his attack. You can’t dodge it unless you use a shield or cloak. At least this is what I think. And the fact that you need two elements to build it.

If that’s the case, isn’t it same as beam of Storm/Ice and Lightning?
I feel there is something we are missing here imo.