Dark Flak Tower Balance


I’m in the same boat as you. Except lightning/storm only require wood to build. But if being expensive is a “property” it’s not a good one lol.


I will be reading the other opinions in case someone mentions something I didn’t think of, but at face value I am leaning towards B.


I can’t give numbers, sorry. It’s way too early stage to be giving numbers out. First and foremost we’re discussing what the role of the tower should be, and then we’ll be iterating based on that.


What does “flak property” refer to exactly?


How the shot is not treated the same way as other shots (i.e. it’s not really a projectile).


But its not beam either! How is it different from beam towers except that it is concentrated shots? And how does Elemental Mayhem affect its working?


So it’s the same as elemental (ice, storm, lightning)…right?


I’d vote for B. C sounds interesting but the ‘longer’ duration would have to be many times longer than it currently is to be effective, and I’d think this option has a high chance of public backlash since it’s so different to how the flak currently functions.

Currently flaks can be difficult to get shots off with if the attacker studied the base and is prepared to counter them, but when a supershot makes contact it can kill a dragon that might otherwise heal backup full health with vampiric touch or elemental barrier, etc.


Then I am for B.


If anything A. Personally I think their short range and single burst shot is balanced pretty well by their ability to kill a dragon. The stun isn’t really a feature I’m using a flak for anyway. I just want it to kill stuff.


Option B with slightly higher stun value. It is premium tower at the moment.


I cannot think of a single multiplayer live game that has never patched or balanced an aspect of the game. What game are you a tester for that has never updated the live game?


B as in best choice


B- however the key to this tower is its limited range. If you don’t balance all the flaks to counter act each other someone will continue to place them all directly at the front and you will end up dead in one shot. So if the fire flak is faster at firing maybe slow the farms fire down so it doesn’t hit you immediately when you turn corners. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ll go with B please. Now I’m sad the build event starts tomorrow without a definite answer how these will change. With these 3 towers changing I’m scared of what to build now…


Not making edits to the game for balancing purposes is a horrible idea, sorry.
If something sneaks through development and is released only to find it is game breaking, unfair, whatever you want to call it, it is better to adjust it for the game’s quality of life than preserve the poor gameplay just because it’s already been released.


B as it stays true to its current use/uniqueness/strategy.

A if it also extends the range. Otherwise, it might as well just be treb with slightly better damage but worse range. C gets the same answer as A but would make it even worse.


I’d say B because it stays true to the Dark flak idea. Does it still keep its property as explained (not being a projectile that can be deflected/reversed)?


Honestly, I’m kinda disappointed that there is no option x) bring everything back before 3.90.
Well fire turret could fire bit faster, but other towers were fine as it was.
If I was to adjust dark flak, I’ll tweak range a bit so there will be at least some way to negate it when it is placed in front of short islands.


My take on this

The “roll of the dark flak”

  • I like the Shotgun analogy up top —> short range, slow fire, high damage. Very high damage supershot, short stun.

Personally, id like to see the Dark Flak end up somewhere near where it was pre 3.8. It seemed to be pretty well balanced. I fully understand that when you “uncap” the damage cap it will suddenly be too powerful, but sort of scaling the damage back so it behaves like it did pre 3.8 seems good.

In other words -
Normal shot packs a punch (if the scaling makes it pack TOO much of a punch, I would drop the interval between shots - aka not a long wideup time, but make it fire a little bit slower)

Supershot packs a BIG wallop, but the stun shouldnt be too long, I also think the effect should take a little longer before it hits – Currently with defenders if you even have a little lag, the stun can stop you from casting completely. I’d say maybe a half a second delay. The stun duration should be a bit shorter than in 3.9, but a bit longer than 3.7. At the moment its possible to be stun locked, which I don’t think is intended.

What I’d like to stress though is that there is probably a level at which these towers seem overpowered (low levels vs old dragons), and certain levels where they are balanced.