Dark Flak Tower Balance


And another B to the list


I wouldn’t really touch the dark flak. I love the power and long stun! The only thing I might slightly change is the super shot…On the Flak I can only speak for Flaks slightly above level 50 and below I rarely ever atm go against any high 50s.
But yeah the supershot maybe tone it down just a bit? Stunning you for 2 seconds or more and taking 75% of your life the 2nd shot is definitely a kill shot! I love the long stun! You know when you have been stunned by a Flak.
But if it’s going to have the extended stun it shouldn’t be the next shot basically dead or very close because after that stun it’s guaranteed hitting you again! With that powerful initial hit, 2+ sec stun that’s the death of you because number 2 is coming lol mise well consider it one shot kill! I really don’t even hate that because I love it for defense and with flying I enjoy the strategy of getting through Flaks

But I would love to see more balance to other towers or actually fixing other towers! I think it Would be neat if the gap between towers wasn’t so huge! So you could really create all different kinds of base layouts rather then having to do things a certain way only because other ways simply do not work!


I would go for A


Option B for me


B as well.


here we go, i choose B. first of all if you going to Nerf the dark flak, you should give a proper compensation who allready claimed for Leos who have this darkflak resist to choose.
please let it be, dont do anything about darkflak, we allready use to it and able attack or defend with it. first thing you guys must concern is your network and server, its heavy to attacking when defended. thats all, thanks


I’m glad PG is including us in the decision personally. They could just be this is what we think and this is what we are going to do. At least they are giving us a say in where they are going. Thanks @PGJared

Now my vote. I say C. Flak should be a crippling attack. A dragon should know it’s been hit but confused as to why it is bleeding out of hundreds of tiny holes. It takes a minute to deal with that mentally lol


Option b for sure


B is my choice


Definitely B.

Reason when your base is defended the flak supershot should fry the attacker if undefended it’s easy to avoid the supershot on long maxed bases by letting the base waste their AI shots and sailing through.

Makes soloing easier and would force ppl to defend more.



Among all the very sought after and experienced opinions above, I’d like to ask what tier of dragons are we balancing the lvl 60 for? Obsidian mythics? The upcoming new tier?
If it was for obsidian mythics as per builder hut egg requirement, we didn’t even know what we were paying for when we level up the towers with quite an insane cost. We could well end up paying for additional 5 levels in terms of stats that would’ve gone into effect if it was not for this rebalance, and end up getting the lvl 55 dark flak in original (without rebalance but actually increased in power as that’s what we pay for when we level up towers) as a lvl 60 tower. In other words, we could’ve paid speed ups for 10 levels instead of 5 to get the same thing if the rebalance makes the power relatively similar to what would’ve happened if towers indeed increased in power correctly all along. Please consider rebalance obsidians at lvl 55-58, if you can.

And I’m going for option B


B please :blush:

Dark Flak is built for power. If it doesn’t have power what’s the point?


I would also like to see a splatter/burst animation of the dragon let’s say when the supershot damage exceeds 200% of the dragon’s health.



A fatality :rofl:


I’m assuming this is compared to other towers, in which case only b seems acceptable due to a breaking the principal of a flak, and c avoiding fixing stun in general

Now I think it’s important to mention i think a very high supershot would only make sense if dragons with dark flak resist also resisted the supershot


I vote for a


I would favor option B.

I prefer this analogy aswell. Although this means that I want to keep the “flak property” which for whatever reason is part of choice A.

Also I have always wondered if the “short range” is meant to be so it can instantly fire when placed up front on a small island or if it should be slightly shorter to balance out the eventually super high damage at lvl60? Meaning you get half a second of thinking/reacting but once you‘re in ramge you‘re pretty much dead, especially when supershotted.

What does everyone think?


Given the options, I vote B


i pick b…


I think most of all that flaks shouldn’t have a cap in terms of damage. Now they are capped at lv 35 or 41 can’t remember bc both figures were mentioned by Jared but having caps makes leveling pointless.

Also keep in mind that the new dragon tier has the potential of 1.4 bn ap and to stop those dragons flaks need to beef up too.

So delayed shots would nerf alteady nerfed towers even more.