Dark Flak Tower Balance


! I like the way it works now but my flak is a 30 so it wasn’t affected. Honestly I would prefer it just the way it is with a long stun and powerful super shot but I guess it wouldn’t be balanced so I will go with B


I expected the lvl60 towers to be the ones to counter Obsidians, not to counter the next tier.
I also expect the balance to make them stronger at lvl60 as they are now since they are currently capped.

Only if those expectations are right, I would consider asking for a slightly shorter range.
If not, you‘re right and they don‘t need another nerf.


I’ll take B


I’ll take B :slight_smile: Even though it’s going to be even stronger because my flak never does a normal shot :slight_smile: Just spam Flak with supershots… Bye Bye dragooooons :smiley:


I like the dark flak how it is… thats why i want say B…
long stun is unfair for all people, thats not why we build it even if it could mean a new advantage…
Here you need the PX team why warriors are so low… because for example hunter dont stop to reload there ammo and so on…


If I were to suggest, I think we can have a high damage dark flak. However, it’s health should be low to compensate it. We can’t have a high damage high health tower so let’s make it a glass cannon.

Fire Flak can be the opposite. Has huge amount of health, but deals less damage, but has another attribute that lowers damage done by dragon by x%

well… this ain’t much when you can have a Noctua or someone that has a death gaze to finish it instantly >.<

If not, then B is my choice


Please don’t mess with towers that are fine. Dark Flak is very hard to attack, but it should be. It makes base design challenging and attacking fun. I am a new player (2 months being on here) but I really like the tower balance as it is.


One other thought. Dark flak is the main reason why I can’t attack bases 50 lvls higher than me. If you weaken one of the best towers, it will really imbalance the game. If anything, you should be making towers stronger. Not weakening them.


I also like the flaks and turrets how they are. Maybe there are issues at higher levels? Otherwise, I’m not really seeing the need for a change. If balancing is needed, would prefer the roles of these towers (dmg vs effect vs supershot) not to be messed with too much.


Go With Option A


I would go option A. I dont wanna die with one supershot.


I would like to see option B. I think it complements the tower the best for what is meant to do.


GreenHornet, this will only affect Dark Flak towers that are above level 35. So if you are relatively new then this probably won’t affect your world for quite some time. The reason for the change (if you haven’t taken the time to read back) is that PG made a mistake a while back and stopped increasing the attack power of the fire, dark flak, and fire flak towers with level after about level 35. Obviously this is a big problem for people who have paid to level up past that point (up to level 60) and weren’t really getting the benefit of that. HOWEVER, when PG tried to just “turn on” the increased attack power back to where it should be, the higher level bases became WAY overpowered compared to the dragons so they had to turn it back off. That’s why they are coming back to us now for feedback before moving ahead with a more permanent “fix”.
When they talk about making the flak less strong- that is only for towers that are above level 35 and that is only relative to what they would have been had they continued leveling as they should have. In reality (if I understand correctly), the flaks above level 35 will be getting stronger in some manner regardless- we are just arguing for how to best do that. And flaks below level 35 will not be changing.
(Sorry if you already knew all of this)


Okay. That makes a bit more sense. I should have a lvl 20 dark flak tonight, so it won’t really bother me for a while then. I thought from what I was reading that it would change all dark flaks. Thank you for the clarification @JennyDElf


Honestly, I think the Dark Flak is fine where it is other than the lack of scaling past level 43 (or whatever it was) for the basic shot. The basic damage does need to scale up, though as noted previously your current scale is off. But I think once you find the appropriate max power for it to scale up to (which is somewhere between the current level, and the level you “accidentally” tested). Then simply re-adjust the entire range over which it scales so the numbers scale appropriately for each tier. But IMO the overall functionality of the Dark Flak as it currently exists is actually pretty good (ie Low power standard shot, very high powered charged shot, and very short stun).


It’s currently not a very short stun since the most recent update, but I agree with that’s the idea, even though the “low” normal shot isn’t that low (capped damage aside).


So, one of the reasons “keep it the way it was before” just won’t work is because the normal shots of that tower are capped. As dragons gain power the Dark Flak Tower would rely solely on supershot damage and would start to seriously underperform.


I would like tochange to b after reading through this page as i for one also like the shotgun analogy


I agree with red. B. Looks like the b group has taken the lead in votes.


To be honest with the community, not on this topic specifically, but majority of people choose something that is a terrible choice due to them being uninformed and then those that actually know what they are talking about suffer because the “Majority” voted something else; for example Nydryr… You let the whole player base vote and look what we got.

You wouldn’t ask someone who plays basketball for 3months about their opinion about changing rules and you wouldn’t value his/her opinion as much as you would someone that plays 3-4 years.

I think it is great that PG is reaching out to community for feed back etc, when it comes to something so drastic as this (affecting people at the end game mostly) why would their and a lvl 20’s opinion weigh the same.

And I’m sure you could already make a WD meme about me on this topic already since I’ve been sarcastically commenting on this ever since Kinnarus came out. But for God sakes, majority of people in this game think Kinnarus is OP… Seriously guys, the same people that chose spell sets for Nydryr, the same people that will affect what is done with these towers… The same people that “love” Mega Coins (the ones you got in private feedbacks)…


Is Equestor basically Kinnarus redux?