Dark Flak Tower Balance


That’s not what I meant. I should have been more clear, that people who are very knowledgeable vs. people that aren’t so much should be valued differently if it’s going to change the game.


What I would like to see is almost a “test server” where a few people get invited to to test this and just this.

Or hell, this and the effect of the maxxed out newest tier dragons on these.

after watching the twitch stream one would think Avyx was meh, yet after watching some D1’s pilot it, that dragon is OP as hell.

The same would be for tower balance - it needs to be tested in an environment where a skilled flier attacks it, while a skilled set of defenders use it.


Ok so I would think the solution would be to keep supershot and stun the way they always were and simply uncap the damage on regular shots, since thats the part that was broken. I honestly never heard anyone complaining about dark flaks until they started changing.


B. Stun time is way too long right now.


Im sorry but I don’t think watching some videos of high level play is the same as having their experience and knowledge. The fact that you chose A while pretty much every well known high level player on these forums chose B kind of proves the point.

The issue with these towers aren’t at our level of play, so it’s best to let those who are having the problems come up with the solution.


As I said above already

This will affect us as well, doesn’t it? We are talking about the general property of tower here.


That actually happened and caused s huge uproar because dragons were torn into pieces. Undefended maxed bases suddenly needed two top dragons which just barely made it if done right and just one defender made max bases impossible to defeat.

That‘s why PG rolled it back to the capped version and needs to correctly balance them now.


Like I said already and hopefully @PGJared has noticed. The problem is scaling of damage. Just anchor max level flak tower supershot damage to be at most 1/3 of the highest unboosted hp obsidian dragon currently. This means it needs at least 3 supershots to kill it. Then scale down from there. Keep normal shot to supershot damage ratio constant across all levels. Done and dusted.

This preserves current lower level experience of the towers across all levels past 40 and so as players grow the tower behaviour doesn’t suddenly change.

There isn’t a problem with this tower at low levels so let’s just replicate that at max level also.


That would make Noc (or any other good Onsidian) even more OP. Add dragon boosts, rune of pride, maxed rider with maxed gear and it can tank 6+ supershots of a lvl60 darkflak?


Wrong @Grumpybigbird.

When we make lv 60s better than they are now (damage is capped) they will be the tower range for the next tier.

Making them ass weak like having to use 3 super shots to kill an unboosted obsidian will make them irrelevant for the next tier dragons.

Maybe you didn’t notice but AP doubled every tier.

With your suggestion you would force PG to release lv 65 towers while 60s have still the „new car’s smell“


Then change the ratio to 2x or 1.5x or whatever. What I’m saying is that it isn’t broken below level 40 so why can’t that experience be replicated for level 60?


See what marez said. The 60s were so op after the 3.90 update that bases needed 2 skilled flyers to kill them UNDEFENDED. Heck we had a war during that update and we needed like 4 attempts bc the flak killed 90% of nocs health stunned him and ice finished that poor guy.

At the end we five flamed it but it was super hard (what it should be at this investment stage).

Prior to update those bases were medium to easy to solo.

Then PG nerfed them again and we have the bases due to fire turrets buff now on a medium level.

To give you an impression how those bases were in that short time span try to use one of your sapphire hunters on a short base with lv 45-47 turrets.

I don’t say roll the mega hard buff back something in between will be good but they DEFINITELY shouldn’t be weaker as they are now. 25-40% buff and all is good.


Hmm sounds like it was perfect :slight_smile:

Honestly if they make it so a single player which airplanes cannot possibly five flame a top base, it will essentially get rid of the cheat :slight_smile:


Right, yeah i do recall that…I guess what i should have said was make the regular shot scale, and thus stronger than when it was bugged and capped but still substantially less than a super shot. When it was initially uncapped on 3.9 it was seemingly doing about as much damage as a supershot pre 3.9.


It’s very important topic,and this shouldn’t be discussed with 1/3 of WD community
I’d suggest to use voting for ALL topics like this and informing ppl,using in game mail
We saw,that we can use this ability for every single player,when we voted about Atlas (feedback)
So it should be the easiest way to get correctly info,and to avoid refunds for Apple after making this changes @PGJared



Socrates is also attributed with saying the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Interesting fellow.


Option B.

It’s made to kill dragons and I want it to keep killing dragons well.


Can’t you make a poll?



I end with that.