Dark Flak Tower Balance


But that’s just how it is and cannot be prevented. (Brexit anyone?) In game ask players of Plat, Sap, and Diamond tiers to take a poll if they wish. If it matters to them, they’ll vote. If not, they don’t have to. Better than restricting it to the forums.


First I prefer you leave it alone, already bases are nerfed by having to deal with ‘I win’ dragons like Noctura, as the dark flak cannons are now it helps (no matter how little) to offset these extremes. But if I had to choose from the three choices then “B”, the flak forces you to think about how to attack a base and employ a strategy versus just ‘going at it, if it were. The other two choices I think deminishes this.


Perhaps we should focus on adding something constructive to the discussion instead of just criticizing others’ opinions? I could easily state that most players with end game content are simply wallet warriors with little idea what they are actually doing. Should their opinion carry more weight than mine?

The most engaged players in this game are on these forums and have a vested interest in these results. The dismissive and condecending posts from some contributors do nothing more than insult people. Try to be a bit more open-minded, a good idea for the game is just that regardless of where it comes from.


I don’t know what level you are (?), or what league you’re in, but sometimes people are just dedicated and invest a lot more time into the game. Even if they do spend some cash when needed, it shouldn’t make them ineligible to participate in decisions that will affect them greatly.

Generally speaking, higher levels would have more experience with the towers being discussed and how they are against a broader range of dragons than, say, a level 150. So yes, their opinions should matter too, along with everyone’s.

I know a myriad of people that care about the game and may take a bit of time to look through the forums but avoid commenting or posting for several reasons.

(There is already a lot of constructive feedback that’s been given thus far, and people are here for their opinions to be challenged and shown other ways of thinking, that’s what forums do.)


It doesn’t matter how dedicated a person is or how much a person is on the forums. This is a matter of experience at a level of play that low levels really know nothing about.

Look, I know Dark Flak does a lot of normal dmg, does a stun, and does a lot of supershot damage. Do I know exactly what role it should take at higher levels where it takes multiple dragons to complete a base? Not in the slightest. Nor do I believe other similar low levels would know.

At least in the low hundreds and lower, divine dragons reign supreme. I float through bases 30-50 levels higher than me with 1 dragon (Borgian or Necryx). They could buff Dark Flak a whole bunch and it wouldnt affect what bases I could beat, they could nerf it a whole bunch and it wouldn’t affect which players beat my base.

We play a different game than the people who these changes will actually affect.


I would say B


Hey Jared,

After reviewing the options I guess A, but where is the option to get what we paid for?

You say the tower needs to balanced but I read nerfed instead. A level 60 fire flak is not cheap nor any dark flak or fire/ice turret for that matter.

Where is the balance when it takes so much to build a decent defensive base yet gets completely wiped out by a hugely less investment into a dragon such as Noc?

Balance has to be commensurate to the investment put into it. Don’t sell us a Ferrari and then give us an old clunker in it’s place. If the level 55-60 flak/turrets are nerfed then the players that invested in them should be made whole.

There are NO current bases, even those with 1.3 billion in defenses that can’t be beat by two good flyers with Noc’s even if defended. Where is the balance in that ?

I don’t believe PG has truly vetted the problem, and nerfing towers and diminishing a player’s investment into the game is NOT the solution.

Just my two cents for what it’s worth.




0.1% in this game can solo a well built fully defended lv 60 tower base. 0.095% of them use super kelvin and 0.005% invincible Gloom. #monsterdeserts



Not C, that one seems to go against the purpose of it.


Yeah these are some funny mods to me bc they are so obvious, they are so pleased with themselves in god mode that they they are blind to fact that the countdown till ban hammer swings begins the moment its used.

Saw one the other day was of Frostbite and each shot destroyed an entire island amd monuments surrounds in 1 shot. I believe the modified it to shoot the spell fireball with each shot, many of them actually. Only reason it is invisible to other viewers is bc we do not have host, im fairly certain on their screen they see all the chaos lol. Probably using linux or somethin similar, updated, idk.


Yup. Of corse either a maxed well designed base needs to be unbeatable with defenders, or a maxed dragon with runes and buffs under a skilled pilot should beat any base. It can’t be both. In my evaluation it is intended for the latter former. Of corse everyone is so used of wars with everyone getting 5 flames they can’t accept such a reality.


No. A maxed Noc costs you a wee fraction of a maxed base. If those bases wouldn’t be unbeatable with clever defenders no one would build anything anymore


I meant to say former. I’ll edit my post.


I like the idea of the towers having different purposes. This forces us to strategize offense and defense. I like Dark Flak as it is, which is closest to B. You need to have a plan to get by it, if its placed carefully. And for defense, you need to think about how to place it.


Honestly, I like how the Flak is currently, it definitely keeps a lot of dragons from just over-running bases. Even with great defensive builds I personally don’t like any of the options but that’s just me.


Yes, please make a poll!


I’m sure they won’t use the forum votes to finally decide.

They will rather pick out the arguments stated here and these will influence the direction more than any poll could.

That’s exactly what it should be.

The forum isn’t representative for 50,000 players. There are like 20 dedicated posters here and 100 who post once in a while. Rest are one time posters. Let’s say another 300. That’s not even 1% of the player base lol


I think A is the best option


A forum poll would give an at a glance summary of which of the three options take the lead in the options giving with individual posts supporting those ideas and expanding the arguments. It’s likely why the feature is there rather the allowing a complete closed poll that wouldn’t additional replies.

It would allow people who want to answer just A, B or C to answer without creating a reply, and those that want to expand on their answers to expand.

But, I’m not the one filtering through the forum and trying to consolidate the feedback into anything usable to improve my product. :woman_shrugging:


They should not have given options. Open feedback would have been more insightful and less biast.

Bet you if they implemented say “b” half the ppl that wanted b will come and complain that they wanted B not what was implemented. Aka their B is not the person next doors B nor pgs B